12th NTRCA English Written Question

12th NTRCA English Written Question

Thank you very much for clicking www.englishwithrasel.com. Dear readers, this article is about 12th NTRCA English Written Question. NTRCA always repeats the previous year’s questions. So, by practicing the previous year’s question you can make a satisfactory result in the examination. Let’s see- 12th NTRCA English Written Question

12th NTRCA Written Question
English Lecturer
       1.Answer any two of the following: 10*2=20

a)Preface to the ‘Lyrical Ballads’ is a manifesto of the Romantic Movement. Comment.
b)Discuss why the Elizabethan age is called the golden age of English Literature?
c)“The Metaphysical poets were men of learning and to show their learning was their whole endeavor.”- Justify the comment.
d)Write a note on the women writers of the Victorian Age.
     2.Answer any two the following: 10*2=20
a)Hamlet’s madness is more feigned than real. Do you agree?
b)“The way of the World” mirrors the society of the time. Elucidate.
c)Discuss Conrad’s treatment to evil in Hear to Darkness.
d)Write a note on Wordsworth as a poet of nature.

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      3.Write short notes on the following terms (any four)4*5=20
b)Three unities
f)Poetic justice
h)Dramatic monologue
     4.Identify the figures to speech in the underlined parts of the following quotations and explain functions. 2*5=10
a)There is no one so poor as a wealthy miser.
b)It is now an open secret.
c)Sweet are the uses of adversity.
d)Life is a pilgrimage.
e)Alone, alone, all, all alone
Alone on a wide wide sea!

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     5.Write a brief summary of the following passage:10
The general view against student politics is that they are immature and it is likely that they will be easily misguided by clever agents from politics altogether. They will remain political lobbies, even when they are grown up and they will be more easily misled in later life on account of their ignorance and inexperience. The famous philosopher Aristotle says, ‘even human being is a political being “. At schools, colleges and universities students read history, public administration, civics, political philosophy and political economy. It they can understand these things in the abstract, why should they be kept away from the concrete realities of political life. Secondly, it is true that students may discover late in life that the interest they took in politics in the early years was on the wrong lines and they might change their opinion.
    6.Write a letter to your younger brother opposing him of adverse effect of over watching television programs.10
Or, Write a letter the editor of an English daily expressing your grievances on the rising prices to essential commodities.
    7.Change the following words as directed and make sentences with the changed words (any five)
a)Reduce (noun)
b)Fame (adjective)
c)Friend (Verb)
d)Water (verb)
e)Unique (Noun)
f)Circle (Noun)
g)Mind (adverb)
     8.Use your own words to complete each of the following sentences (any five) 1*5=5
a)If I were you —-
b)I would rather die—-
c)Hurry spoils —-
d)Man proposes —-
e)It was long since—-
f)Hardly had I entered the room—-
g)Had I been the Queen of Sheba—-
h)I worked hard so that—–



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