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13thNTRCA Written Question
English Lecturer
     1. Answer any two of the following:10*2=20
a)Discuss the contribution of the ‘University Wits’ to the English drama.
b)Why is the literature of the age of Pope called Pseudo-classical? What are the chief features of the age of Pope?
c)In what sense is the English Romantic Movement a ‘Return to Nature’? Refer your answer to at least two writers of the early writers of early nineteenth century.
d)What is ‘modernism’? Illustrate by referring to at least one novelist and one poet.
     2.Answer any two of the following:10*2=20
a)How far in your opinion has Milton been able to justify the ways fo God to man?
b)What do you know about the influence of French Revolution on Romantic poets?
c)Comment briefly on the characteristics of the Victorian novels with special references to Charles Dickens.
d)Discuss ‘The Waste land’ as a vision of desolation and spiritual draught.

      3.Write short notes on the following literary terms (any four) 5*4=20
e)Three unities
      4.Identify the figure of speech in the underlined parts of the following quotations and explain their functions:
a)Men’s evil manners live in brass.
Their virtues we write on water.
b)I will drink life to the lees.
c)If they be two they are two so
As stiff twin compasses are two.
d)Here lay Duncan
His silver skin laced with golden blood.
e)My vegetable love should grow
Vaster than empires, and more slow.

    13th NTRCA English Written Question

5. Write a brief summary of the following passage:10
Today women are playing important role in all spheres of life. They are no longer confined with the four walls of their parents’ or husbands’ house. They have come out of their kitchens and are working hand in hand with men in all the development programmes to the government. By receiving higher education they are becoming pilots, doctors, engineers, teachers, administrators etc. They have become able to prove their worth. They are contributing much to the economy of the country. Now it has come to the realization of the men that true development of the country is never possible keeping half of the population idle at home. So it needs no telling that women are playing a great role in the socio-economic condition of our country. The reason of women’s participation in various activities is for the gradual realization of the need for the financial independence. Most women work because their income is needed to supplement their husband’s earnings in order to meet the growing cost of living. The financial pressure of children’s education, accommodation and day to day expenses have become so high that many families actually welcome the added income the women bring.


     6.Write an application on the Divisional Forest Office, Khulna, asking permission to visit the Sundarbans.10
Or, Write an application to the Superintendent of police for police petrol at night in your ward of the municipality.

     7.Change the following words as directed and make sentences with the changed words (any five)
a)Thought (adjective)
b)Guide (Noun)
c)System (Adverb)
d)Classification (Verb)
e)Infect (Adjective)
f)Exclusive (Verb)
g)Discover (Noun)
h)Knowledge (Adjective)
     8.Use your own words to complete the following sentences (any five) 1*5=5
a)1971 is the year —-
b)No sooner had we heard the news—-
c)He took up a part-time job so that—-
d)He saved some money in order that—-
e)If she had tried, —-
f)The old man walks carefully lest—
g)—- in case it does not rain.
h)This is the house that—–



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