This is about 15th NTRCA Suggestion- 2019 for English Lecturer. If you follow this suggestion, you will get clear idea about the question pattern of NTRCA. I strongly believe that you will be benefited by this suggestion.
15th NTRCA Suggestion
History of English Literature
Elizabethan Age 100%
1.Who are the ‘University Wits’? Discuss their contribution to English drama. 2012/ with special reference to ‘Doctor Faustus’ by Christopher Marlow 2010. 99%
2.Write an essay on the theatre and growth of drama during the Elizabethan age. 2007
3.Comment on John Donne’s treatment on the theme of love by illustrating any three of his poems. 2013
Romantic Age 100%
1.English Romantic Movement is a ‘Return to Nature’- justify the comment with special reference to the poetry of the two major Romantic poets.6th 99%
Or.In what sense is the English Romantic Movement a ‘Return to Nature’? Refer your answer to at least two writers of the early nineteen century 13th99%
2.Who are the major Romantic Poets? Write down the salient features of Romanticism with special reference to Wordsworth and Coleridge. 10th99%
3.What do you mean by Romanticism? Choose and comment on the poets who pioneered the Romantic Movement.2012 99%
4.“The Preface to The Lyrical Ballads is an epoch making document”- comment. 4th99%
Or, “Preface to the Lyrical Ballads” is a manifesto of the Romantic Movement, comment. 12th 99%
Or, Why does the lyrical Ballads mark an important literary epoch? 7th 99% Click Here for Full Suggestion:
15th NTRCA Suggestion- 2019 for English Lecturer 15th NTRCA Suggestion- 2019 for English Lecturer
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