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15thLecturer Registration Examination- 2018 (27/07/2019)
Subject: English
Post:  Lecturer
Sub Code- 402



         1.    Answer any two of the following:                   10*2=20
a)    Evaluate Milton as the child of the Renaissance and the Reformation.
b)   Write an essay on the Metaphysical poetry and the Metaphysical poets of the seventeenth century.
c)    What is meant by modernism? What are the literary features of the modern age?
d)   “Elizabethan drama is an expression of fantasy, romance and history”- Discuss.

           2.  Answer any two of the following: 10*2=20
a)    Describe the rational criticism of contemporary life you found in Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels’.
b)   How does Dickens portray the obsession of the Victorian society with money in ‘Great Expectations’?
c)    Pope described “The Rape of the Lock” as a heroic-comical poem. What did Pope mean and how far did he succeed in his purpose?

d)   Show how Eliot’s poems reflect the disorder and decay of modern civilization with special reference to “The Waste Land”.

        3.    Write short notes on the following terms (any four)5*4=20
a)    Three unities
b)   Dramatic Monologues
c)    Fable
d)   Ballad
e)    Tragi-comedy
f)     Romance
g)    Short story

h)   Pastoral elegy


           4.    Identify the figures of speech in the underlined parts of the following quotations and explain their functions.  5*2=10
a)    O Judgment!Thou art tied to brutish beasts.
b)   Glory is like a circle in the water
Which never ceaseth to enlarge itself.
c)    Life is but walking shadow, a poor player.
d)   Puffs, powders, patches, bibles, billet doux.

e)    Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?


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15th NTRCA Written Question- English Lecturer
  5.    Write a summary of the following text:                                                                 10
Speech community is similar to other communities. The people who make up the community share a common language. Often they live side by side as they do in a neighborhood, a village, or a city. More often they form a whole country. Many nations are composed of a single major speech community, for example, Italy, Sweden and Japan. National boundaries are not always the same as the boundaries of speech communities. Some nations, for example, Russia and India are made up of many speech communities. Some speech communities are, for example, Arabic, Spanish and English extended across national boundaries. A speech community, then, is any group of people who speak the same language no matter where they happen to live. We may so say that anyone who speaks English belongs to The English speech community. For convenience, we may classify the speakers in two groups: on e in which the speakers use English as their native language, the other in which the speakers learn English as a second language for the purpose of education, commerce and so on.

15th NTRCA Written Question- English Lecturer

      6.    Write a letter to your friend informing him about the importance of e-commerce.    10
Write a letter to the editor of a daily giving your views of reading books for the youth of the country.
     7.    Change the following words as directed and make sentences with the changed words (any five) 1*5=5
a)    choose (Noun)
b)   Belief (Verb)
c)    Food (Verb)
d)   Dramatic (Adverb)
e)    Reliance (Adjective)
f)     Courage (Adjective)
g)    Friend (Verb)
h)   Success (Verb)


       8.    Use your own words to complete each of the following sentences (any five)       1*5=5
a)    It was five years since we —
b)   If the bank gives the farmers loan on easy term, they—-
c)    —- after I have finished my study.
d)   No sooner had the passengers seen the bus —-
e)    Had I been you—-
f)     He spoke as if—-
g)    It was high time for us—
h)   We will go there provided—–


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