Number Practice for BCS

প্রশ্নঃ What is the plural of ‘deer’?

ক. Deer
খ. Deers
গ. Deerese
ঘ. Deeres

Question: Which one is in singular number ?

a. Criteria
b. Data
c. Agenda
d. Index
Answer: d

Question: The most important period of physical growth in human during their first few years.

a. occur
b. occurred
c. has occurred
d. occurs
Answer: d

Question: কোন বাক্যটি শুদ্ধ ?

a. There is book and pen on the table
b. There are a book and a pen on the table
c. There are a book on the table
d. There is a book and a pen on the table
Answer: b

Question: —- in this display is on sale.

a. Each furnitures
b. Each pieces of furniture
c. Each piece of furniture
d. Each furniture
Answer: c

Question: Echo এর সঠিক Plural হচ্ছে –

a. Echos
b. Echoes
c. Echoistic
d. Echoed
Answer: b

Question: Three-fourths of the work —- finished.

a. have been
b. had
c. has been
d. were

Question: Choose the word which never has a plural –

a. mouse
b. intention
c. woman
d. information
Answer: b

Question: ‘Canon ‘ শব্দটির বহুবচন –

a. Canones
b. Canons
c. Canon
d. Cannons
Answer: b

Question: Which one is in plural number ?

a. School
b. Oxen
c. Leaf
d. Mathematics

Answer: b