This article is about 41st BCS- English Literature. If you practice it again and again, you will be successful. let’s start.

👉Who wrote”Lord of the Flies”?- William Golding.

 👉Francis Bacon is an – Essayist

👉 ‘Renaissance’ means – the revival of learning

👉Elizabethan tragedy is centered on – Revenge

👉A lexicographer is a person who writes – dictionaries

👉Who wrote”Happy Days & Waiting for Godot?- Samuel Beckett 

দারাজে শুরু হয়ে গেছে Valentine’s Day অফার। আকর্ষণীয় মূল্যছাড়ে শপিং করুন দারাজ থেকে। ক্লিক করুন এখানে।

👉Who wrote “Waiting for the Mahatma”?- R.K.Narayan

👉Who wrote ” Animal farm”?- George Orwell 

👉Who is famous for”Drama of Ideas”?- G.B.Shaw

👉Who wrote “The Golden Bowel “?- Henry James 

👉Who wrote ” An Ideal Husband “?- Oscar wilde 

👉Who wrote ” The Lake isle of Innisfree?- W.B.Yeats

👉who wrote”The Whirlpool “?- Robert Gissing 

👉Who wrote ” The Analysis of Mind”?- Bertrand Russell 

👉The Rose” was written by….. –W.B.Yeats

👉.Famous Irish poet & dramatist is……- W.B.Yeats,

👉Who wrote ” Rolling Stones”?- O’ Henry

👉Who wrote “The Road Not Taken “?- Robert Frost

👉Who wrote the book” Lord Jim: A Tale?-Joseph Conrad

👉Bertrand Russell was a British……..-Philosopher

👉Who wrote “Interpretation of Dreams”?- Sigmund Freud

👉“Six & seven ” is written by………- O’Henry

👉Who wrote “The Secret Song”?- Joseph Conrad

👉Who wrote ” Of Human Bondage”?-William Somerset Maugham

👉‘Louka ‘is a Character in which drama?- Arms & the Man

👉 Both poet & painter- William Blake

👉 Poet of Sensuousness – John Keats

👉The poet of beauty – John Keats

👉 The Rebel poet in English literature – Lord Byron

👉The greatest modern English dramatist – G.B.Shaw

👉The father of modern English literature – G.B.Shaw

👉Who wrote “The Ambassador “?- Henry James

👉Who wrote ” History of Second world War”?- Winston Churchill

👉Who wrote “The Midnight Folk”?- John Masefield

👉Who wrote ” To the Lighthouse “?- Virginia Woolf

👉Who wrote ” The Rainbow “?- D.H.Lawrence

👉Who wrote ” Hollowmen & The waste Land”?- T.S.Eliot

👉Who wrote”Gerontion”?- T.S.Eliot

👉Who was an assistant editor of “The Egoist “?- T.S.Eliot

👉Who wrote ” A Passage to England “?- Nirad.C.Chaudhury

33.Who was a Ambulance driver in the time of World War i,?- Ernest Hemingway

👉Who wrote ” The Sun also Rises”?- Ernest Hemingway

👉Who wrote”Nineteen Eighty Four”?- George Orwell

👉Who wrote “The Map of Love”?- Dylan Thomas

👉Who wrote” The Good Earth”?- Pearl S.Buck

👉Who wrote”The Unfinished Memories “?- Seikh Mujibur Rahman

👉Who write” From September, 1, 1939″?-W.H.Auden

👉Robert Frost was a famous…………- Irish poet

👉Who wrote “West Running Brook”?- Thomas Carlyle

👉Who was a banker in his Professal life?- William Faulkner

👉Who wrote ” Dr.Zibago”?- Maxim Gorky

👉Who wrote”Journey of the Magi”?- Virginia Woolf

👉Who wrote”The Spirit of Romance”?- G.B.Shaw

👉Who wrote “The Sound & Fury”- .John Dryden

👉Who wrote ” Lullaby”?- Henry James,

👉Who wrote “The Gift of the Magi”?- J.M.Synge

👉Who wrote the novel” Mother”?- Aldus Huxley

👉Who wrote “Point Counter Point”?- Fyodor Dostoevsky

👉Who wrote ” Crime & Punishment”?- Aldus Huxley

👉Who wrote “Shakespearean Tragedy “?- Allen Ginsberg

👉Who wrote the Novel” Ulysses “?- Joseph conrad

👉Who wrote ” Poverty & Famines”?- A.C.Bradley

👉Who wrote “The Hairy Ape”?- Eugene O’Nail

👉Who wrote ” The Guerrilla of Time”?- Fedel Castro,

👉Who wrote “White House Years”?- Henry Kisinger

👉Who wrote ” Discovery of India”?- Pandit Neheru,

👉Who wrote”Midsummer Night”?- John Masefield,

👉Who wrote”Past & Present”?- Thomas Carlyle,

👉Who wrote “Midsummer Children “?- Salman Rush

dy,👉Who wrote ” White House diary”?- Jimmi Carter,

👉Who wrote “The Invisible Man & Time Machine “?- H.G.Wells,

👉Who wrote ” The Tell tale Heart”?- Edger Allan Poe,

👉Who wrote ‘Farn Hill’?- Dylan Thomas,

👉Who wrote ‘Riders to the Sea’?- John Millington Synge,

👉Who wrote’ September on Jessore Road’?- Allen Ginsberg,

👉Who wrote”The Road to freedom’?- Jean Paul Sartre,

👉Who wrote “Shooting an Elephant “?- George Orwell,

👉Who wrote”The Heart of Darkness ”?- Joseph Conrad

👉Who is the father of Socialist Realism?- Maxim Gorky,

👉Who wrote ” The End of History and the Last man”?- Francis Fukyyama,

👉Who is the writer of critical Work”Aspects Of Novel”- E.M.Forster,

👉Who wrote “The God of Small Things written by…..-Arundhati Roy

👉Who wrote The Jungle book & The Blue Roses?- Rudyard Kipling,

👉Who is the national poet of American?- Walt Whitman,

👉What is the first novel of Virginia woolf?- The Voyage Out,

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