This is about Awards received by Sheikh Hasina (Video). So far Sheikh Hasina has received a number of awards. For competitive examinees, these awards are important. Let’s see.

1. Award: ‘Vaccine Hero’ by GAVI.
Contribution: For the outstanding success of Bangladesh in immunisation,
Organization:The Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation (GAVI)

2.Award:‘Champion of skill development for youth’ by UNICEF
Contribution:  For Bangladesh’s outstanding success in youth skill development. 

Organization: United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF). 

Awards received by Sheikh Hasina (Video)

3. Award: ‘Tagore Peace Award-2018’ by India
Contribution: For maintaining regional peace and prosperity.
Organization: The Asiatic Society, Kolkata.
N.B: In the past, 
noted world leader Nelson Mandela and eminent economist Amarta Sen, among others, received the award.

4. Award: ‘Lifetime Contribution for women Empowerment Award- 2019’ by (ISAW)

Contribution: For her outstanding contribution to the field of women empowerment as well as her dynamic leadership in South Asian region.
Institute of South Asian Women (ISAW)

5. Award: ‘Dr. Kalam Smriti International Excellence Award by India
Contribution:  For 
her commitment to a close and mutually satisfying India-Bangladesh relations

Organization: Dr. Kalam Smriti International Advisory Council.

Awards received by Sheikh Hasina (Video)

6.  Award: ‘Global Women’s Leadership Award’
Contribution:  For her outstanding leadership in advancing women education and women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, Asia and Asia-pacific region.

Organization: US-based NGO ‘Global Summit of Women’.

6. Award: Mother of Humanity by UK-based ‘Channel 4’

Contribution: For gaving shelter to hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas fleeing persecution in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

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