Awards received by Sheikh Hasina

This is about Awards received by Sheikh Hasina (Video). So far Sheikh Hasina has received a number of awards. For competitive examinees, these awards are important. Let’s see.

1. Award: ‘Vaccine Hero’ by GAVI.
Contribution: For the outstanding success of Bangladesh in immunisation,
Organization: The Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation (GAVI)

2.Award:‘Champion of skill development for youth’ by UNICEF
Contribution:  For Bangladesh’s outstanding success in youth skill development. 
Organization: United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF). 


3. Award: ‘Tagore Peace Award-2018’ by India
Contribution: For maintaining regional peace and prosperity.
Organization: The Asiatic Society, Kolkata.
N.B: In the past, noted world leader Nelson Mandela and eminent economist Amarta Sen, among others, received the award.

4. Award: ‘Lifetime Contribution for women Empowerment Award- 2019’ by (ISAW)
Contribution: For her outstanding contribution to the field of women empowerment as well as her dynamic leadership in South Asian region.
Organization: Institute of South Asian Women (ISAW)

5. Award: ‘Dr. Kalam Smriti International Excellence Award by India
Contribution:  For her commitment to a close and mutually satisfying India-Bangladesh relations
Organization: Dr. Kalam Smriti International Advisory Council.

Awards received by Sheikh Hasina

6.  Award: ‘Global Women’s Leadership Award’
Contribution:  For her outstanding leadership in advancing women education and women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, Asia and Asia-pacific region.
Organization: US-based NGO ‘Global Summit of Women’.

7. Award: Mother of Humanity by UK-based ‘Channel 4’
Contribution: For giving shelter to hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas fleeing persecution in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

Sheikh Hasina is one of the most dynamic leaders in the present world. So questions about her are very important for competitive examinations in Bangladesh. No doubt, under her leadership, Bangladesh has touched the peak of development. 

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