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BCS Phrases and Idioms

This is about BCS Phrases and Idioms. Practice more and more for good success. Let’s start.

Prior to” means ____

(a) before
(b) during the period of
(c) immediately
(d) after

Answer (a) before

“out and out” means _____

(a) whole heartedly
(b) thoroughly
(c) not at all
(d) brave
Answer (b) thoroughly


BCS Phrases and Idioms

1. Yellow dog (হীন ব্যক্তি) – A yellow dog is always hated by all.

2. Without fail (অবশ্যই) – You must attend the meeting without fail.
3. Worthy of (যোগ্য) – He is worthy of a good job.
4. With a view to (উদ্দেশ্য)- He goes to college with a view to attending the class.
5. Well up (সুপন্ডিত)- Dr. Shahidullah was well-up in Bengali language.
6. well-to-do (সঙ্গতিপূর্ণ) – He was not born in a well-to-do family.
7. Well off (স্বচ্ছল) – Jim and Della were not well off.

8. Victim of (বলি)- He is a victim of circumstances.
9. Under age (অপ্রাপ্ত বয়স্ক)- He could not cast his vote because he was  under age.
10. Upper hand (প্রধান্য) – He got the upper hand in the selection.
11. up to (পর্যন্ত) – I have done the exercises up to page 40.
12. Up-to-date (আধুনিক) – Now-a-days ladies are very up to date.
13. Ups and downs (উত্থান পতন)- There is ups and downs in a man’s life.
14. To the back bone (হাড়ে হাড়ে) – The boy is wicked to the backbone.
15. To the point (সঠিক)- The boy answered the question to the point.

16. To the utmost (যথাসাধ্য)- I tried to the utmost of my ability to have a job.
17. To the brim (কানায় কানায়) – The river was full to the brim.
18. To go to the dogs (গোল্লায় গোল্লায়)- He has gone to the dogs by keeping evil company.
19. Through and through (পুঙ্খানুপুঙ্খু রুপে)- He read the poem through and through.
20. Silver tongue (মিষ্ঠ ভাষী)- He is a man of silver tongue.

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