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HSC Suggestion

HSC English First Paper Suggestion || Exam-2021

 Passage (For Question 1-3) Unit-01[L-2(2)] Din B-2019 {L-3(1)}- JB-2019 Unit-02(DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018) {L-1(2)SB-2019} Unit-03 (L- 1&2) ***  Unit-05 (L-2&4) ***    Unit-06 {L-2(2)} ***(DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018), DB-2019+DB-2019+BB-2019 Unit-07  {L-1(2)} RB-2019+CtgB-2019+BB-2019 (L- 4) *** Unit-08 (L-2,4&5) ***(RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018) Unit-09 {L-1(2)} DB-2019+RB-2019  Unit-10 [L-2(1)] DinB-2019 {L-5(2)}JB-2019 Unit-12 (L- 1&5) (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018) (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018) {L-5(2)CB-2019} {L-4(2)CtgB-2019} Unit-11 (All lessons) *** Read More: …

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HSC English Second Paper Suggestion || Exam-2021

    English Second Paper Formal Letter 1.       Write an application to the Principal for providing multimedia system in the classroom (R.B-2017) (Set- 03)-2019 *** / provide Wi-Fi. ** 2.       Write an application to the Principal for organizing an English language club. (Din.B-2017) *** 3.       Write an application to the Principal for the post of sales representative with …

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HSC Modifier Suggestion |

Modifier Suggestion HSC Exam- 2020 1. Deforestation means cutting down of trees (a) ——(post-modify the verb). To meet up the basic needs of food and housing, trees are being cut in a large scale and thus it causes (b) ——(pre-modify the noun) imbalance. Besides, there are some dishonest people who …

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HSC First Paper Q. No- 4 Suggestion || Cloze Test with Clue

English with Rasel      Question No- 4 Suggestion    Fill in the gaps with a suitable word from the box (make any grammatical changes if necessary). There are more words in the box than you need.                                            lock join spread violate wound take term injure kill enforce martyr consider …

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HSC Article New Suggestion


  This is the collection of HSC article previous year’s questions. In fact, it is HSC Article New Suggestion. By practicing this suggestion, you will definitely make a good result in the examination.  Article Suggestion 1.Michael Madhusudhan Dutt was (a) —— popular 19th century Bengali poet and dramatist,. He was …

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