Scientists are now beginning to suspect that COVID-19 can infect the heart, reported Global Health Now quoting Scientific American/Kaiser Health News yesterday. COVID-19 can affect heart

COVID-19 may be severe for older people and those having co-morbidity. Besides, it is known to all that the virus can damage the lungs. But surprisingly, COVID-19 patients develop heart problems and die from cardiac arrest, puzzling even doctors. 

COVID-19 has already broken hearts worldwide. Unfortunately, there are some cases of damaging hearts physically too- infection in heart muscle.

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The findings of a study, published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) on 25 March, conducted on 416 patients with confirmed COVID-19 in China found 19.7% of patients have signs of heart damage. And it is considered as a higher risk factor of in-hospital mortality. 

Scientists believe the cardiac injury is a common condition among the patients, hospitalized with COVID-19. The novel coronvirus could damage the heart in different ways, including prompting inflammation that causes the plaque in arteries to become unstable. And, obviously, it is associated with a higher risk of in-hospital mortality. 

COVID-19 can affect heart

Ironically, M. Krumholz, a professor in Yele New Haven Hospital, wrote in The New York Times, on 6 April that he and many of his colleagues at other hospitals are seeing a 40-60 reduction in patients with regular heart attacks. 

Source: Global Health Now

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