English First Paper Suggestion (Mother) is a collection of the previous year’s questions. I have collected previous year’s questions for your convenience. From this collection, you can get a clear concept of HSC Suggestion. Let’s see- English First Paper Suggestion (Mother)  

Mother Suggestion English First PaperPassage (For Question 1-3)

      3.Unit-03 (L- 1&2) ***
      4.Unit-05 (L-2&4) ***
      5.Unit-06 (L-2) ***(DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018)
      6.Unit-07 (L- 4) ***
      7.Unit-08 (L-2,4&5) ***(RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
      9.Unit-12 (L- 1&5) ***(DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018) (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
     10.Unit-11 (All lessons) ***
     12.Unit-14 (L-2&3) ***(RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
     13.Unit-15 (L-1&2) ***
HSC English First Paper Suggestion Exam-2021


      2.Khan Jahan Ali (C.B-2017)
      3.Rabindranath Tagore (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
      4.Lad and famous teacher (J.B-2017)
      5.War of Independence***
      6.Alfred Nobel/Nobel prize***(Syl.B-2017)
      7.Sultan and tax collector *** (D.B-2017) (B.B-2017)
      8.Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah ***(Ctg.B-2017)
      9.Nepoleon (Din.B-2017)
      10.William Wordsworth***
      11.Kazi Najrul Islam***
      12.Queen Victoria**
      13.Buddha and woman**
      14.An English poet in Italy**
      15.Einstein ***
      16.Robert Bruce***
      19.Nelson Mandela** (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018
      20.Sheikh Sa’adi**
     21.Hatem Tai**
     22.A thirsty crow**
     23.Astrologer and king***
     24.Marco Polo
      1.Pollution ***
      2.Drug addiction (Din.B-2017)
      3.My best friends ***(J.B-2017)
      4.An ideal student (C.B-2017
      5.Modern Technology ***(Syl. B-2017)
      6.Use and abuse of Mobile phone***(B.B-2017)
      7.The historic 7th March speech** (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
      8.Food adulteration (D.B + Din. B + Ctg. B -2017) (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018
      9.Diaspora ***
      10.Etiquette and Manners***
      11.Folk music ***
      12.Climate change ***
      13.Child labour*** 
      14.Environment pollution *** (R.B-2017)
      15.Book fair **
      16.Social values **
      17.Hakaluki Haor.**
      19.Kuakata, the daughter of sea
      20.Human rights**

English First Paper Suggestion (Mother) Completing Story

     1.A surprise call from a lost friend. ***(R.B-2017)
     2.Honesty of a school girl (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
     3.The Dove and the Ant (D.B- 2017) (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018
     4.A brilliant boy (C.B-2017)
     5.An unwanted incident (Din.B-2017)
     6.Don’t believe a flatter / The foolish crow and the Clever Fox***(J.B-2017)
     7.An honest woodcutter *** (Syl.B- 2017)
     8.A thirsty crow ***(B.B-2017)
     9.A liar shepherd (Ctg. B-2017)
     10.A true patriot never expects reward….
     11.Money cannot bring happiness ***
     12.Grasp all, lose all ***
     13.Unity is strength ***
     14.The scholar and the boatman **
     15.Slow and steady wins the race **
     16.Dress does not make a man great/ Sheikh Sa’adi **   
     17.Self-confidence of Rumana….
     18.Courtesy Costs nothing but Gains everything…
     19.The perseverance of Rahela
     20.The victory of liberation in 1971…
     21.Where there is a Will, There is a way…
     22.Who is to Bell the cat **
     23.The cruelty of a housemistress**
     24.Honesty is the best policy ***
     25.A grocer and a Fruit-seller
     26.The lion and the mouse
     27.Industry is the key to success
     28.Androcles and his master
     29.An ant and a grasshopher

Informal Letter

     1.A letter to your younger brother advising him to refrain from smoking. *** (R.B-2017)
     2.A letter to your friend telling him/her about how to improve English.***
     3.A letter to your friend planning after HSC exam.**
     4.Write a reply to your pen-friend living in UK. (D.B-2017)
     5.Write a reply to your father saying not to spend time in facebook. (Din.B-2017)
     6.A letter to your friend excursion at Kuakalta .**
     7.A letter to your friend wishing early recovery.**
     8.A letter to your friend describing a street accident.***
     9.A letter to your father describing the progress of study.***
     10.A letter to your friend inviting him/her to attend your elder sister’s marriage ceremony.
     11.A letter to your younger brother to avoid bad/ evil company.***
     12.A letter to your friend about the preparation for the coming HSC examination.***
     13.A letter to your pen-friend telling him/her about the natural beauty of Bangladesh.**


      1.Write an e-mail congratulating your friend got prize on debate competition. (Ctg. B-2017)
      2.Write an e-mail to your friend congratulating him who has won the first prize in a debate competition. (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018
     3.Write an e-mail to your foreign friend narrating the scenic beauty of Bangladesh. (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
     4.Write an E-mail to Sydney to admission procedure for foreign student. (C.B-2017)
     5.An e-mail to your friend telling him about how you have prepared yourself for the ensuing HSC Examination. (J.B-2017)
     6.An email to your friend Sahir inviting him to join the picnic. (Syl.B-2017)
     7.An email to one of your friends thanking him/ her for a gift you received from himher on your birthday. (B.B-2017)


       1.A graph on the number of internet users in Bangladesh.*** (R.B-2017)
       2.A graph on the time allocation of student’s daily activities. (C.B-2017)
       3.A graph on the number of people living under poverty line.***(J.B-2017) (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018
       4.Write a chart on the source of U.S.A. electricity in 1980. (D.B- 2017)
       5.A pie chart on the percentage of transportation used by 800 students to come to college. *** (Syl.B-2017)
       6.A graph on the Family’s household income distribution ***(B.B-2017)
       7.A graph on profession by educated people.*** (Ctg.B-2017)
       8.Write a chart showing the sources of air pollution in a city. ***(Din.B-2017)
        9.A graph on the time allocation on various activities. ***
       10.A graph on the literacy rate in Bangladesh from 1995 to 2010. ***(RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
       11.A graph on population growth in Bangladesh.**
       12.A graph on changing attitude to pastime. ***
       13.A graph on pastime of students. **
       14.A graph on infant mortality rate.**
       15.A chart on road accidents in Bangladesh.**
Appreciating Poem
        1.‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’ by W. B. Yeats. ***(R.B-2017)
        2.‘Dreams’ By Langston Hughes. ***(J.B-2017)
        3.‘Under the Greenwood Tree’ by William Shakespeare.***(BB + Syl. B-2017)
        4.Two brothers- Karim and Bashir (Ctg.B-2017)
        5.‘Time, You Old Gipsy Man’ by Ralph Hodgson.*** (Din.B- 2017) (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018
        6.To Daffodils by Robert Herrick ***
        7.From ‘September 1, 1939’ by W.H. Auden.***
        8.I died for beauty By Emily Dickinson**
        9.Leisure by William Henry Davies. **
        10.‘Blow, blow thou winter wind’ By William Shakespeare. **(RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
        11.She walks in Beauty by Lord Byron. **
        12.‘The Schoolboy’ by William Blake. **(D.B- 2017) (C.B-2017)

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