General Knowledge For Bank Job

General Knowledge for Bank Job

General Knowledge for Bank Job is a collection of general knowledge for competitive exams. I have gathered some important information for the Bank job. By practicing this information, you can make a good result in competitive exams.


1. The Bangla Calendar date of historic Ekushey February- 8th Falgoon.

2. A ‘CBA’ represents- workers.

3. How many centimeters make a meter- 100.

4. Who introduced Benglali New Year (Beginning from 1st Boishakh)- Akber.

5.  DSE operates under the direct control of – SEC.

6. What is the percentage rate of population in Bangladesh- 1.1%.

7. The length of a cricket pitch is- 22 yards.

8. Money mainly serves as- medium of exchange. 

General Knowledge for Bank Job

9. Which organization or agency is directly responsible for controlling money supply in Bangladesh- Bangladesh Bank.

10. The smallest administrative unit in the cities of Bangladesh is- ward.

11. Forest area of Bangladesh comprises of—- percent of total land in Bangladesh-  17.08%

12. In which year Bangladesh became the member of Commonwealth-  1972. 

General Knowledge for Bank Job

13. Who is the head of Govt. in Bangladesh-  Prime Minister.

14. Which ministry has the responsibility of price control in Bangladesh – Commerce ministry.

15. In which type of account we should deposit our money in order to earn higher rate of return- fixed deposit.

16. The instrument used measure electric current- ammeter.

17. The memory size in mainframe computers and advanced technology micro computers are expresses as- megabytes

18. Which network protocol is use to send email- SMTP.

19. The programe compresses large files smaller files- WinZip.

20. Which components appear in the initial window display- Task Bar.

General Knowledge for Bank Job


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21. An Example of utility- Antivirus.

22. How can you update the value of formula cells if Auto Calculator mode of Excel is disabled- F9.

23. Which enables us send same massage to many persons- mail merge.

24. How many tribes live in The Chattogram Hill Tracts- 11.

25. Awami Muslim League is formed in- 1949.

26. Madaripur town is located on the river of – Arial Khan.

27. What is the position of Bangladesh in ODI Cricket Ranking according to ICC- 7th.

28. The first general election was held in independent Bangladesh- on 7 March 1973.

29. What is the name of the director of the film ‘Muktir Gaan’- Tareq Masud.


General Knowledge for Bank Job

30. What is the length of The Bangabandhu Bridge- 4.8 km
31. What is the length of The Padma Multipurpose Bridge- 6.15 km.

32. What is the name of the first woman speaker of Bangladesh Jatio Sangshad- Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury.

33. First foreign bank in Bangladesh- Arab Bangladesh Bank.

34. Where is the mausoleum of Bir Sreshtho Mostafa Kamal- Akhaura, Bramhanbaria.

35. Where is the residence of ‘Bangabondhu’ located- Dhanmondi.


36. What is the official name of litterateur Shawkat Osman- Sheikh Azizur Rahman.

35. What was the previous name of Cumilla- Tripura.

36. Which day is being observes a ‘Mujibnagar Day’ in Bangladesh- 17th April.

37. The first European country to recognize Bangladesh – East Germany.

38. In which district ‘The Payra Sea Port’ located- Patuakhali.

39. When was The Bangabandhu1 Satellite successfully launched into the space- 12 May 2018.

General Knowledge for Bank Job

40. What is the average life expectancy in Bangladesh- 72 years.

41. Which sector has the highest contribution to GDP of Bangladesh- service.  

42. Which one is known as the mangrove forest in Bangladesh- Sunderbans.

43. Which is the smallest district in Bangladesh in term of area- Narayanganj.

44. When was the constitution of Bangladesh was adopted- 4 November 1072.

45. Which of the ratio of the length and the breath of Bangladesh flag- 10:6.


General Knowledge for Bank Job

46. Who was the first governor of Bangladesh Bank- Mohammad Nurul Islam.

47. Dpi stands for- Dots per inch.

48. Who is the father of modern computer- Charles Babbage.  

49. What is the GDP per capita of Bangladesh in USD- 1751.

50. The Padma Bridge will have a total of —- spans- 45.

51. The national sports of Bangladesh is- Kabadi.

52. The first water museum is in- Kalapar, Patuakhali.

53. The Pulse Research Institute located- Iswardi, Pabna.

54. The largest tribe is – Chakma.

55. Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD) is established by- Akhter Hamid Khan.

56. The highest annual rainfall in Bangladesh is- Srimongol

57. The Faraizi Movement was launched by – Haji Shariatullah./

58. The last chief minister of undivided Bengal- Huseyn Shaheed Suohrawardy.

59. ‘Uttara Gonobhaban’ is situated- Nator.


General Knowledge for Bank Job

60 The name of teh first post liberation war sculpture of Bangladesh is- Jagroto Chowrongi.

61. The constitution Drafting committee formed in 1972 had- 34 members.

62. The first Finance Minister of Bangladesh- Captain Mansur Ali

63. The film named ‘Palassy to 32 Dhanmondi’ was directed by- Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury.

64. ‘Chandra Deep’ is the ancient name of – Barisal.

65. The Largest island in Bangladesh- Bhola.

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