GK- International Affairs- Bank Job

GK- International Affairs- Bank Job

This is about GK- International Affairs- Bank Job. By practicing it you will be successful in your mission. Let’s start.

1. Where IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) is located- Manila

2. Which organization will be replaced by WTO- GATT.

3. The head office of WHO is located- Geneva.

4. What is Reuters-  a news agency.

5. Which statesman received Nobel Prize for literary work- Churchill 

6. Sir Isaac Newton was a- scientist. 


7. Which Asian countries are included in OPEC- Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

8. WWW stand for- World Wide Web.

9. The name of canal/strait joining the Red Sea with the Mediterranean  Sea- Suez

10. Professor Amartya Sen associated with- economics

11. Each year world Red Crescent and Red Cross day is celebrated on- 8th May.

12. For seeing objects at the surface of water from submarine under water, the instrument used is- periscope. 

13. G-5 is economic grouping of – 3rd world nations.

14. For galvanizing iron which metal is use- zinc

15. Study of life in outer space is called- Exobiology.

16. The first man made satellite Sputnic1 launched by former URSS in- 1957.

17. The headquarters of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) – Vienna.

18. The longest Rail-way line in the world- The Trans-Siberian in Russia.

19. Brent index is associated with- crude oil prices

20. ‘Tajmahal Mosque’ is located in – Agra.

21. Which is the largest muslim country in the world in term of population- Indonesia. 

22. Which country banned smoking first- Bhutan.

23. Which is the name of Boarder Security Force of Myanmar- BGP (Boarder Guard Police).

24. Who is the Secretary General of OIC- Iusuf Al Osaimin.

25. Which country is known as the sugar bowl of the world- Cuba.

26. The oldest tennis tournament in the world- Wimbledon. 

27.  The birth place of Amarya Sen – Kolkata.

28. UNESCO was established in -1945. 

29. The total number of UN Security Council is- 15.

30. Which country is the host of 2019 Cricket World Cup- England and Wales.

31. Which country is the host of 2022 FIFA World Cup- Quatar.

32. Which country is known as ‘Land of the Rising Sun’- Japan.

33. When is Human Rights Day observed- 10th December.

34. Who is popularly known as ‘Gandhi’ of Sri Lanka- A.T. Ariyaratne. 

35. How many stripes are there in the US flag- 13.

36. What is the name of currency of Myanmar- Kyat. 

37. The Ship Titanic sank in- 1912.

38. The French Revolution began in- 1789.

39. The new capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is – Araravati.

40. The capital city of Albania- Tirana.

41. The official language of the Canadian province of Quebec is- French.

42. The national flower of USA- Rose.

43. The world’s smallest landlocked country- Vatican City.

45. The ‘Father of Green Revolution’ is called- Norman Borlaug.

46. The Second World War was started- 1 September 1939.

47. The Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) is headquartered in- Ebene, Mauritius.

48. The name of Israel’s intelligence agency is- Mossad.

49. The new chairman of Asian Clearing Union (ACU) is – Fazle Kabir (Bangladesh).

50. Missionaries of Charity was established by Mother Teressa in- 1950.

51. The city Davos is mostly associated with- World Economic Forum’s meeting.

52. The World’s Diabetes Day is observed on- 14th December.

53. HDI Stands fro- Human Development Index.



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