Narayanganj Head Post Office installed hand-washing facilities for clients today, aiming to prevent coronavirus spread. The move came amid the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. Hand-washing facilities set up in Narayanganj Head Post Office

“Undoubtedly, it is a timely action. We are grateful to the authority concerned for this move,” said Sabit Roy, a 60-year-old savings bank beneficiary.   The post office, main post office of the district, is crowded with hundreds of clients everyday. Most of them come here to withdraw the interest of postal savings bank or savings certificates. 

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So, there is a probability of swift virus transmission from one to another. The authority of the post office took the measure to encourage people to wash their hands frequently and create awareness among clients about the prevention against coronavirus.

Clients expressed their satisfaction with the initiative as they could clean their hands to save them from the infection with coronavirus though they were out of the home. 

Adequate soap and water are being supplied here for washing hands to contain the spread of coronavirus. 
Hand-washing facilities set up in Narayanganj Head Post OfficeThe deadly virus has spread to almost 184 countries, areas or territories. 

To date, 27 people have infected with this lethal virus while 5 have been discharged from hospital and 2 has died in Bangladesh.

On the other hand, there are 3,12,001 confirmed cases with 13,407 deaths across the world. 

Hand-washing facilities set up in Narayanganj Head Post Office

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