This is about HSC Completing Sentence Rules. In this article, you can download PDF File of rules. With the regular practice, you will pro of completing sentence. Let’s start. 


Download PDF File of Rules


Complete the sentences using suitable clauses/ phrases :               0×5´10 = 5

1.  [DB

(a) Physical exercise keeps us healthy and strong. If
you take regular physical exercises, —.

(b) They came
to you with a view to —, but you scolded them without any reason.

(c) Please
wait here until —. I have a serious matter to discuss with you.

(d) I was not
hungry at all. If I had been hungry, —.

(e) Trees are
essential for our existence. So, we should plant —. 

(f)  There
goes a proverb that —. So, we must make proper use of time.

(g) We should
drink pure water. Since the water of this bottle is not pure, —. 

(h) The two
brothers are not on good terms. Yesterday when we went to their house, —. 

(i)  Air is polluted in many ways. It is high time —.

(j)  The
martyrs laid down their lives in 1971. They did it so that —. 


HSC Completing Sentence Rules


2.  [RB

(a) Industry
is the key to success. If you work hard, —.

(b) Corruption
is the main hindrance to development. It is high time —.

(c) Abdul is
an H.S.C candidate. he is studying hard lest —.

(d) There are a good number of reasons why —. That
English is a foreign language is the main reason.

(e) Bird fly
in the sky. I wish —.

(f)  No
sooner had we reached there than —. Unless we went there earlier, we would miss
the beginning of the programme.

(g) It is not
good —. A man is known by the company he keeps.

(h) Dulal
Sheikh is a quack. He behaves as if —.

(i)  It is
very cold outside. You had better —.

(j)  My
childhood was full of joys and happiness. Would that —.


HSC Completing Sentence Rules


3.  [DinajB

(a) I think
you are not punctual in studies. Be punctual lest—.     

(b) I’ve
missed the 8 O’clock train. Do you know when —? 

(c) The thief
stole my watch and I saw it. As soon as I saw him —. 

(d) Though he
was late, —.

(e) As he is
unwilling to work, he cannot get rid of poverty. He must work if —.     

(f)  I
usually avoid —. It is boring to drive now.   

(g) As it is
a difficult task, —. He is very skilled in doing such work.

(h) Whenever
I go to visit the factory, I —. He must account for his absence. 

(i)  The film
ended very fantastically. If you enjoyed the film, —. 

(j)  There
are many obstacles in our way to success. We must work hard so that —.


HSC Completing Sentence Rules


4.  [JB

(a) Geometry
is very much confusing to Zillur. He practices geometry a lot so that —.

(b) I could
not recognize you at first. It was five years since we —.

(c) Sanjida
was writing quite well in the exam when suddenly she —. As a result, she could
not finish the exam with satisfaction.

(d) Don’t
worry. I — after I have finished my study.

(e) Fateen
was really in a great danger. He came to you with a view to — from you, but you
disappointed him.

(f)  Sujon
was very weak, but he had to carry a big box. The box was too heavy for —.

(g) The
farmers of our country are very poor, but they can work hard. If the bank gives
them loan on easy term, they —.

(h) Load-shedding
occurs because we cannot produce adequate electricity. It is high time we —.

(i)  I
requested him to join me in playing cricket. He joined me —.

(j)  He tried
his best to get the job but he could not get it. Had he got the job, he would


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HSC Completing Sentence Rules


5.  [CB

(a) 16th
December is observed as Victory Day every year in Bangladesh. It is really a
red-letter day in our national history, because on this day —.  

(b) A proverb
goes that —. So we must try to lead an honest life. 

(c) Courtesy
means —. Courtesy costs nothing but brings a lot.

(d) Bangladesh
is an agricultural country. As her economy depends on agriculture, —.

(e) Time is
very important in our life. You cannot prosper in life unless —.

(f)  Bangladesh
is our motherland. It is a small but beautiful country. Though it is a small
country, it is —. 

(g) Early
rising gives a man enough free time. Since I am an early riser —.

(h) You must
have confidence in your ability. If you — you will be successful.

(i)  My final
examination is going on. I studied hard least I —.

(j)  His
father has no ability to bear his sons educational expenses. So the son takes
up a part-time job so that —. 

HSC Board Question English Second Paper



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