HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion- 2019

This is about HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion- 2019. If you follow this suggestion you will get common more and more. So follow this suggestion. For more suggestions visit our site.

HSC Exclusive Suggestion  
English 2nd Paper

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HSC Second Paper Suggestion-2020

Formal letter
1. Suppose, you are Balaka, an insolvent student of class 12, recently the Chairman of your Education Board has come to your college on an inspection. Write an application to him for a stipend. ***
2. Write an application to the Principal for providing multimedia system in classroom ***
3. Write an application to the Principal for organizing an English language club. ***
4. Write an application to the Principal for the post of sales representative with your CV. ***
5. Write an application to the Principal of your college for improving Computer Lab

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1. Write a report on the devastating consequences of drug addiction. ***

2. Write a report on award/prize-giving ceremony.***
3. Write a report on fire in a garments factory.***
Write a report on food adulteration. ***
4. Write a report on observance of independence day ***
5. Write a report on corruption in Bangladesh ***



1. Write an e-mail to your friend congratulating him on his brilliant success.***

2. Admission procedure for overseas students ***
3. Condolence for father’s / mother’s death ***
4. To the Oxfort University Admission section asking them about admission procedures of overseas students. ***
5. To director of Bangla Academy to attend on seminar on language study. (Ctg.B-2016)
6. Inviting foreign friend to visit the country***

HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion- 2019

1. Merits and demerits of Mobile phone ***

2. Pahela Boishakh ***
3. City life and Rural life ***
4. Drug addiction ***

1. Impact of Climate change in Bangladesh ***

2. Importance of rivers in Bangladesh ***
3. Water pollution ***
4. Drug addiction ***
5. Patriotism ***


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