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 English Second Paper
Formal Letter
1.       Write an application to the Principal for providing multimedia system in the classroom (R.B-2017) (Set- 03)-2019 *** / provide Wi-Fi. **




2.       Write an application to the Principal for organizing an English language club. (Din.B-2017) ***
3.       Write an application to the Principal for the post of sales representative with your CV. (J.B-2017) ***
4.       Write an application to the Principal of your college for improving Computer Lab facilities (C.B-2017)
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5.       Write an application to the Principal for setting up debating club in your college. (Ctg.B+Syl.B-2017) ***
6.       Write an application to the Principal for providing sound system in classroom. (B.B-2017) ***
7.       Write an application to the Principal of a college in Dhaka for admission on Transfer Certificate. (B.B-2016; D.B-2017)
8.       Write an application to the Principal for seat in the college hostel. (D.B-2016)***
9.       Write an application to the Principal of your college for setting Computer Lab (Din.B-2016) ***
10.    Write an application to the Principal seeking his permission to go on a study tour. (J.B-2016) ***


Report Writing

      1.       Write a report on award/prize-giving ceremony.(R.B. 2017)***
      2.       Write a report on fire in a garments factory. ( Ctg.B+J.B-2016; Din.B-2017)***
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3. Write a report on food adulteration.(J.B-2017) (Set-03)- 2019 ***
            Read More: HSC Article Rules
     4.       Write a report on observance of independence day (C.B-2017) ***
     5.       Write a report on corruption in Bangladesh (Ctg.B-2017) ***
     6.       Write a report on book fair. (Syl. B-2017) ***
     7.       Celebration of the cultural programme held in your college. (B.B-2017) ***
     8.       Write a report on Impact of Facebook on young generation. ( J.B-2016; D.B-2017)
     9.       Write a report on drug addiction. (D.B-2016)  (Kha Set- 2018)***
    10.    Write a report on the life of slum dwellers. (Din.B-2016) ***



     1.       Write an e-mail to your friend congratulating him on his brilliant success.***
     2.       Admission procedure for overseas students ***
     3.       Providing internet facilities ***
     4.       Condolence for father’s / mother’s death ***
     5.       To the manager of a travel agency to reserve a railway seat.
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6. To the manager of a travel agency to cancel the ticket booked earlier.



     1.       Merits and demerits of Mobile phone (B.B-2016; R.B-2017) ***
     2.       Importance of female education (Din.B-2017)***
     3.       City life and Rural life (J.B-2017) ***
     4.       Drug addiction (J.B-2016; C.B-2017) ***
     5.       Positive and negative impact of Facebook (Ctg.B-2017) ***
     6.       Food adulteration (Syl. B-2017)
     7.       Your country (B.B-2017) ***
     8.       Cause and effects of Road accidents ( R.B-2016; D.B-2017)
     9.       Importance of learning  English (D.B-2016)***
    10.    Price hike (R.B-2016) ***
    11.  Environment Pollution (Set-03)-2019


    12. Importance of Female Education (Ka Set- 2018)
    13. The Celebration of Pahela Boishakh (Kha Set- 2018)



     1.       Your favourite personality (D.B-2015);R.B-2017) ***
     2.       Impact of Climate change in Bangladesh (Din.B-2017) ***
     3.       Importance of rivers in Bangladesh (J.B-2017) ***
     4.       Water pollution (C.B-2017) ***
     5.       Drug addiction (C.B-10; Syl.B-2011; J.B-2016; Ctg.B-2017) ***
     6.       Patriotism (Syl.B-2017) ***
     7.       Importance  of internet (B.B-2017) ***
     8.       Female education ( Ctg.B+R.B-2016; D.B-2017)     
     9.       Population problem in Bangladesh (2016) ***
     10.    Students and social service (Din.B-2016) (Kha Set- 2019) ***
     11.    Childhood memory (C.B-2016) * **
     12.    Advantage and disadvantages of city life. (B.B-2016)***
     13.    The wonders of modern science*** (Ka Set- 2019)
     14. Uses and abuses of Internet (Set-03)-2019 ***






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