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HSC Short Syllabus for Exam-2022

Bangladesh Education Board has published HSC Short Syllabus for Exam-2022. So the College students can download the HSC new syllabus for their final exam 2022.

HSC all subjects syllabus of Bangladesh education board has been uploaded on 27 May 2021 on the National Curriculum Textbooks Board NCTB website. We have updated it here for the students so that they can get it very easily.


However, we have already known that the Education Ministry of Bangladesh has given the responsibility to the NCTB for making a short syllabus for the HSC exam 2022. Accordingly,   the NTCB  has made the new short syllabus for the upcoming HSC exam 2022. However, it is now open for the students. We hope this syllabus will be very helpful for the students to take preparation for the final exam.


The Education Minister reiterated in a press conference, the HSC exam 2022 must be held. There is no chance for an auto pass. So, dear students do not waste your time. Start to take preparation with this HSC new short syllabus.


Many students When the syllabus publishes, students will want to download it. But, without knowing the method you can not get it. Let’s show you the method for downloading the short syllabus.

However, students can also download the syllabus from our site. By visiting anyone can download HSC Short Syllabus. Then you will get the right article about your interest. HSC Short Syllabus All Board 2022

On the other hand, students know very well that, there is a total of 11 Education boards in Bangladesh. Every year more than two lac of students attend the HSC Exam. However, all the education board syllabus same, and HSC exam routines are the same. In addition, you may get any board syllabus that will be the same for you whatever you are in the different board students.

HSC Short Syllabus for Exam-2022

All Education Boards

Dhaka Board HSC Syllabus 2022
Rajshahi Board HSC Syllabus 2022
Comilla Board HSC Syllabus 2022
Chittagong Board HSC Syllabus 2022
Sylhet Board HSC Syllabus 2022
Barishal Board HSC Syllabus 2022
Dinajpur Board HSC Syllabus 2022
Mymensingh Board HSC Syllabus 2022
Madrasha Board HSC Syllabus 2022
Technical Board HSC Syllabus 2022


According to the authority, there is three Compulsory Subject for HSC. You can download those subjects’ syllabus as a PDF file from the below link. Bangla, English and Information and Communication Technology. Every subject has two-part.

Bangla 1st Part
Bangla 2nd Part
English 1st Part
English 2nd Part
Information and Communication Technology 1st Part
Information and Communication Technology 2nd Part

HSC Short Syllabus Arts Group 2022

We have a question that, are you a student of Arts or Humanities group? If your answer is yes then you can find our group subject syllabus from here. In that case, we have updated the humanities group on the subject syllabus of the HSC exam 2022.


Civic & Good Governance 1st Part
Civic & Good Governance 2nd Part
Economics 1st Part
Economics 2nd Part
Geography 1st Part
Geography 2nd Part
History 1st Part
History 2nd Part

Islamic History & Culture 1st Part
Islamic History & Culture 2nd Part
Logic 1st Part
Logic 2nd Part
Social Work 1st Part
Social Work 2nd Part
Sociology 1st Part
Sociology 2nd Part

There are some subjects in this group that are compulsory and some of them are optional.

Whatever more than 2 lacs of students will seat for the HSC Exam 2022. Here we have updated the HSC short syllabus for the science group students.

HSC Short Syllabus for Exam-2022

Agriculture Education (optional) 1st Paper syllabus
Agriculture Education (optional) 2nd Paper syllabus
Biology (Compulsory) 1st Part syllabus
Biology (Compulsory) 2nd Part syllabus
Chemistry (Compulsory) 1st Part syllabus
Chemistry (Compulsory) 2nd Part syllabus
Eng. Draw & Work Prac (Optional) 1st Part syllabus
Eng. Draw & Work Prac (Optional) 2nd Part syllabus
Eng. Draw & Work Prac (Optional) 3rd Part syllabus

Geography (Optional) 1st Part syllabus
Geography (Optional) 2nd Part  syllabus
Higher Mathematics (Compulsory) 1st Part syllabus
Higher Mathematics (Compulsory) 2nd Part syllabus
Physics (Compulsory) 1st Part syllabus
Physics (Compulsory) 2nd Part syllabus

Psychology (Optional) 1st Part syllabus
Psychology (Optional) 2nd Part syllabus
Sports (Theoretical) 1st Paper – 158 (For BKSP students only)
Sports (Theoretical) 2nd Paper – 159 (For BKSP students only)
Statistics (Optional) 1st Part syllabus
Statistics (Optional) 2nd Part syllabus

Whatever here we have updated the HSC short syllabus for the commerce group students. Someone also called the Bussines group syllabus.

Accounting 1st Part
Accounting 2nd Part
Business Organization and Management 1st Part
Business Organization and Management 2nd Part
Economics 1st Part
Economics 2nd Part
Finance, Banking, and Insurance 1st Part
Finance, Banking, and Insurance 1st Part

Besides those, there is some optional subject in HSC exam. You will get all the subjects syllabus of HSC exam 2022 in the download file. Let’s enjoy the syllabus 2022.

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