HSC Suggestion pdf Download
HSC Suggestion pdf Download || First Paper Analysis

HSC Suggestion pdf Download is about HSC English Previous Year Question (Composition) First Paper. There are important compositions for HSC Examination. By following these compositions, one will be benefited a lot. For more useful content visit our site regularly.

Passage (For Questions 1-3)

  1. Unit-01[L-2(2)] Din B-2019 {L-3(1)}- JB-2019
  2. Unit-02(DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018) {L-1(2)SB-2019}
  3. Unit-03 (L- 1&2) ***
  4. Unit-05 (L-2&4) ***
  5. Unit-06 {L-2(2)} ***(DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018), DB-2019+DB-2019+BB-2019
  6. Unit-07  {L-1(2)} RB-2019+CtgB-2019+BB-2019 (L- 4) ***
  7. Unit-08 (L-2,4&5) ***(RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
  8. Unit-09 {L-1(2)} DB-2019+RB-2019
  9. Unit-10 [L-2(1)] DinB-2019 {L-5(2)}JB-2019
  10. Unit-12 (L- 1&5) (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018) (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018) {L-5(2)CB-2019} {L-4(2)CtgB-2019}
  11. Unit-11 (All lessons) ***
  12. Unit-13 {L-2(2)} DB-2019+CtgB-2019
  13. Unit-14 (L-2) {L-3(2)} RB-2019+CB-2019+SB-2019)(RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
  14. Unit-15 {L-1(2)}JB-2019+CB-2019 {L-2(2)SB-2019}

    HSC Suggestion pdf Download is Very Important
    1. Abraham Lincoln (BB-2019)
    2. Grapes are sour (SB-2019)
    3. Hercules (CtgB-2019)
    4. Dr. Qudrat-i- Khuka (RB-2019)
    5. Aristotle***(R.B-2017)
    6. Khan Jahan Ali (C.B-2017)
    7. Rabindranath Tagore  (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
    8. Lad and famous teacher (J.B-2017)
    9. War of Independence***
    10. Alfred Nobel/Nobel prize***(Syl.B-2017)
    11. Sultan and tax collector *** (D.B-2017) (B.B-2017)
    12. Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah ***(Ctg.B-2017)
    13. Nepoleon (Din.B-2017)
    14. William Wordsworth***
    15. .Kazi Najrul Islam CB-2019
    16. Queen Victoria**
    17. Buddha and woman**
    18. An English poet in Italy** Din B-2019
    19. Einstein ***
    20. Robert Bruce***
    21. Androcles**
    22. Socrates***
    23. Nelson Mandela**(DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018
    24. Sheikh Sa’adi**
    25. Hatem Tai**
    26. A thirsty crow**
    27. Astrologer and king (JB-2019)
    28. Marco Polo

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    1. Digital Bangladesh (SB-2019)
    2. Diaspora (CtgB-2019)
    3. The victory day CB-2019
    4. Pahela Boishakh (Din B-2019)
    5. The Sunderbans (RB-2019)
    6. Pollution ***
    7. Drug addiction (Din.B-2017)
    8. My best friends ***(J.B-2017)
    9. An ideal student (C.B-2017
    10. Modern Technology ***(Syl. B-2017)
    11. Use and abuse of Mobile phone ***(B.B-2017)
    12. The historic 7th March speech** (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
    13. Food adulteration (D.B + Din. B + Ctg. B -2017) (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018, DB-2019
    14. Diaspora 
    15. Etiquette and Manners***
    16. Folk music (BB-2019)
    17. Climate change (JB-2019)
    18. Child labour***
    19. Environment pollution *** (R.B-2017)
    20. Book fair **
    21. Social values **
    22. Hakaluki Haor.**
    23. Facebook**
    24. Kuakata, the daughter of the sea
    25. Human rights**

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Completing Story
    1. Crow and fox (BB-2019)
    2. In the month of February, Rima was eagerly waiting to join a ‘Book Fair’ but her parents interrupted her… (SB-2019)
    3. Grandmother knitting a scarf (CtgB-2019)
    4. Honesty of a school going boy. CB-2019
    5. A happy cobbler (JB-2019)
    6. A surprise call from a lost friend. ***(R.B-2017)
    7. Honesty of a school girl  (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018
    8. The Dove and the Ant (D.B- 2017) (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018
    9. A brilliant boy (C.B-2017)
    10. An unwanted incident (Din.B-2017)
    11. Don’t believe a flatter / The foolish crow and the Clever Fox***(J.B-2017)
    12. An honest woodcutter *** (Syl.B- 2017)
    13. A thirsty crow ***(B.B-2017) (DB-2019)
    14. A liar shepherd (Ctg. B-2017)
    15. A true patriot never expects reward….
    16. Money cannot bring happiness **
    17. Grasp all, lose all *** (RB-2019)
Informal Letter
    1. A letter to your younger brother advising him to refrain from smoking. *** (R.B-2017)
    2. A letter to your friend telling him/her about how to improve English.(BB_219)
    3. A letter to your friend planning after HSC exam.**
    4. Write a reply to your pen-friend living in UK. (D.B-2017)
    5. Write a reply to your father saying not to spend time in facebook. (Din.B-2017)
    6. A letter to your friend excursion at Kuakalta .**
    7. A letter to your friend wishing early recovery.**
    8. A letter to your friend describing a street accident.***
    9. A letter to your father describing the progress of study.***
    10. A letter to your friend inviting him/her to attend your elder sister’s marriage ceremony.
    11. A letter to your younger brother to avoid bad/ evil company.***
    12. A letter to your friend about the preparation for the coming HSC examination.***
    13. A letter to your pen-friend telling him/her about the natural beauty of Bangladesh.*

      HSC Suggestion pdf Download


  1.         Write an E-mail to your younger brother telling him to study seriously to be well-prepared for the ensuing examination. Din B-2019 
  2.      Write an e-mail to your penfriend living in Canada inviting him to visit your country. (JB-2019)
  3.       Write an e-mail to your father informing him about your progress of studies. CB-2019
  4.       Write an e-mail to your friend to send your the routine of HSC Examination-2019 (CtgB-2019)
  5.        Write an e-mail to your mother relieving her from the tension of preparation of HSC examination. (SB-2019)
  6.        Write an E-mail to your younger brother advising him to take part in game and sports regularly. (RB-2019)
  7.      Write an e-mail congratulating your friend got prize on debate competition. (Ctg. B-2017)
  8.        Write an e-mail to your friend congratulating him who has won the first prize in a debate competition. (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018
  9.      Write an e-mail to your younger brother narrating the benefits of reading newspaper.
  10.       Write an e-mail to your foreign friend narrating the scenic beauty of Bangladesh. (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
  11.      Write an E-mail to Sydney to admission procedure for foreign student. (C.B-2017)
  12.        An e-mail to your friend telling him about how you have prepared yourself for the ensuing HSC Examination. (J.B-2017)
  13.       An email to your friend Sahir inviting him to join the picnic. (Syl.B-2017)
  14.        An email to one of your friends thanking him/ her for a gift you received from himher on your birthday. (B.B-2017)
HSC Suggestion pdf Download


  1.       The graph below shows “The number of internet users in town and village from 2010 to 2015”. Describe to graph in 150 words. (BB-2019)
  2.         The graph below shows an increase in the number of overseas students at the universities which usually takes place over a period of time. (SB-2019)  
  3.         The chart below shows the source of environment pollution in a city. Now, analyse the chart in at least 80 words. Din B-2019
  4.         The pie chart below shows the percentage of travelers in Bangladesh travelling in    different transportation  per day. RB-2019
  5.       The graph below shows the number of mobile phone and Internet users in Bangladesh from the year of 2014 to 2018. (DB-2019)
  6.       A graph on the number of internet users in Bangladesh.*** (R.B-2017+CB-2019)
  7.         A graph on the time allocation of student’s daily activities. (C.B-2017)
  8.       A graph on the number of people living under poverty line.(J.B-2017) (DB+DinB+JB+SB-2018
  9.       Write a chart on the source of U.S.A. electricity in 1980. (D.B- 2017)
  10.       A pie chart on the percentage of transportation used by 800 students to come to college. *** (Syl.B-2017)
  11.        A graph on the Family’s household income distribution ***(B.B-2017)
  12.      A graph on profession by educated people. (Ctg.B-2017+JB-2019)
  13.      Write a chart showing the sources of air pollution in a city. (Din.B-2017+CtgB-2019)
  14.       A graph on the time allocation on various activities. *** 
  15.      A graph on the literacy rate in Bangladesh from 1995 to 2010. (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018) 
  16.       A graph on population growth in Bangladesh.**
  17.       A graph on changing attitude to pastime. ***
  18.       A graph on pastime of students. **
  19.       A graph on infant mortality rate.**
  20.          A chart on road accidents in Bangladesh.**

    HSC Suggestion pdf Download

Appreciating Poem

  1.       ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’ by W. B. Yeats. ***(R.B-2017+DB-2019 + Din B-2019) 
  2.      ‘Dreams’ By Langston Hughes.(BB-2019+J.B-2017)
  3.         ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’ by William Shakespeare.***(BB + Syl. B-2017+JB-2019)
  4.          Two brothers- Karim and Bashir (Ctg.B-2017)
  6.         To Daffodils by Robert Herrick ***
  7.        From ‘September 1, 1939’ by W.H. Auden.*** (RB-2019
  8.        I died for beauty By Emily Dickinson (CB-2019) 
  9.        Leisure by William Henry Davies. **
  10.        ‘Blow, blow thou winter wind’ By William Shakespeare. ** (RB+CB+CtgB+SB-2018)
  11.         She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron. **
  12.        ‘The Schoolboy’ by William Blake. **(D.B- 2017) (C.B-2017)
  13.         ‘My Heat Leaps up’ (CtgB-2019)
  14.          ‘If you fail to see the person (SB-2019)
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