Imaginary Travel- Part-2
Imaginary Travel- Part-2 is an easy explanation of HSC first paper. Actually, it is a video tutorial. So, it will be very helpful for all. 


Important Word Meanings
Determine – firmly decide
Animosity – Strong hostility
Compute – Calculate a figure or amount
Intestine – Domestic
Dominion – Control over a country of people
Commotion – Agitation
Submit – Yield to a superior force

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Text of Part-2

 It is alleged indeed, that the high Heels are most agreeable to our ancient Constitution:
But however this be, his Majesty hath determined to make use of only low Heels in the
Administration of the Government, and all Offices in the Gift of the Crown; as you
cannot but observe; and particularly, that his MajestyÕs Imperial Heels are lower at
least by a Drurr than any of his Court (Drurr is a Measure about the fourteenth Part of
an Inch).

Imaginary Travel- Part-2

The Animosities between these two Parties run so high that they will neither
eat, nor drink, nor talk with each other. We compute the Tramecksan, or High-Heels,
to exceed us in Number; but the Power is wholly on our Side. We apprehend his
Imperial Highness, the Heir to the Crown, to have some Tendency towards the
High-Heels; at least we can plainly discover one of his Heels higher than the other;
which gives him a Hobble in his Gait. Now, in the midst of these intestine Disquiets,
we are threatened with an Invasion from the Island of Blefuscu, which is the other
great Empire of the Universe, almost as large and powerful as this of his Majesty. For
as to what we have heard you affirm,
that there are other Kingdoms and States in the
World inhabited by human Creatures as large as yourself, our Philosophers are in much
Doubt; and would rather conjecture that you dropt from the Moon, or one of the Stars; because it is certain, that an hundred Mortals of your Bulk, would, in a short Time,
destroy all the Fruits and Cattle of his MajestyÕs Dominions: besides, our Histories of
six Thousand Moons make no Mention of any other Regions, than the two great
Empires of Lilliput and Blefuscu. Which two mighty Powers have, as I was going to tell
you, been engaged in a most obstinate War for six and thirty Moons past. It began upon
the following Occasion. It is allowed on all Hands, that the primitive way of breaking
Eggs before we eat them, was upon the larger End; But his present MajestyÕs
Grandfather, while he was a Boy going to eat an Egg, and breaking it according to
ancient Practice, happened to cut one of his Fingers.

Imaginary Travel- Part-2

Whereupon the Emperor his Father

published an Edict, commanding all his Subjects, upon great Penalties, to break the
smaller End of their Eggs. The People so highly resented this Law, that our Histories
tell us, there have been six Rebellions raised on that Account; wherein one Emperor lost
his Life, and another his Crown. These civil Commotions were constantly fomented by
the Monarchs of Blefuscu; and when they were quelled, the Exiles always fled for
Refuge to that Empire. It is computed that eleven Thousand Persons have, at several
Times, suffered Death, rather than submit to break their Eggs at the smaller End.

Imaginary Travel- Part-2

hundred large Volumes have been published upon this Controversy: But the Books of
the Big-Indians have been long forbidden, and the whole Party rendered incapable by
Law of holding Employments.
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