Abbreviation is shortened form of a word or phrase. Important Abbreviation for BCS and Bank Job
In the whole world ‘Abbreviation’ is one of the most critical topics for any competitive examination. In our country, many find it difficult to solve abbreviation related question in all sorts of competitive examination. Because, sometimes abbreviation related questions are taken from foreign languages. As students are not familiar to foreign languages in most of the cases, they cannot answer to the question properly.
Important Abbreviation for BCS and Bank Job
 Consequently, they cannot get expected marks and fail to achieve their goal. But I believe if one regularly practice abbreviation, he/she can get rid of this problem. 
Every year,  question setters set one or more abbreviation related questions in competitive examination. In order to obtain desired mark in abbreviation, examinees have to take preparation sincerely. It is known to all that sincerity is a must to succeed in any examination. 
Important Abbreviation for BCS and Bank Job
In my tutorial, I try my best to collect important abbreviations which are very common for all sorts competitive examinations including BCS, Bank Job, NTRCA, Primary.

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