which one is the singular of ‘leaves’

(a) leafe
(b) leaf
(c) leav
(d) leave

Answer (b) leaf

Identify singular number.

(a) Fungi
(b) Agenda
(c) Formula
(d) Data

Answer (c) Formula

প্রশ্নঃ What is the plural of ‘deer’?

ক. Deer
খ. Deers
গ. Deerese
ঘ. Deeres

Question: Which one is in singular number ?

a. Criteria
b. Data
c. Agenda
d. Index
Answer: d

Question: The most important period of physical growth in human during their first few years.

a. occur
b. occurred
c. has occurred
d. occurs
Answer: d

Question: কোন বাক্যটি শুদ্ধ ?

a. There is book and pen on the table
b. There are a book and a pen on the table
c. There are a book on the table
d. There is a book and a pen on the table
Answer: b

Question: —- in this display is on sale.

a. Each furnitures
b. Each pieces of furniture
c. Each piece of furniture
d. Each furniture
Answer: c

Question: Echo এর সঠিক Plural হচ্ছে –

a. Echos
b. Echoes
c. Echoistic
d. Echoed
Answer: b

Question: Three-fourths of the work —- finished.

a. have been
b. had
c. has been
d. were

Question: Choose the word which never has a plural –

a. mouse
b. intention
c. woman
d. information
Answer: b

Question: ‘Canon ‘ শব্দটির বহুবচন –

a. Canones
b. Canons
c. Canon
d. Cannons
Answer: b

Question: Which one is in plural number ?

a. School
b. Oxen
c. Leaf
d. Mathematics

Answer: b

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