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1. A good teacher is an (a) — (act). He presents a lesson in an (b) — (artist) way that makes the lesson lively. His technique of teaching makes a lesson interesting over to the students who are (c) — (interested). The students who are (d) — (interested) in the class are made interested by imparting education (e) — (artistic). A good teacher should also be a — (psychology). He must have (g) — (capable) to read the minds of the students. And different (h) — (treat) must be suggested for different students. Another (i) — (importance) quality of a teacher is (j) — (tolerate).
Answer sheet:1. (a) actor (b) artistic (c) uninterested (d) uninterested (e) artistically (f) psychologist (g) capability (h) treatment (i) important (j) tolerance.

2. Good (a) — (behave) forms an important part of our education. Our (b) — (learn) remains (c) — (complete) if we do not teach them  good behaviour. In (d) — (deal) with others, we must show respect (e) — (proper). We should have a sense of (f) — (polite) in our conduct with others. The (g) — (signify) of good conduct in life is (h) — (real) great. People are (i) — (delight) to help a man with good conduct. (j) — (Actual) a man of good character is a gentle man in the true sense of the term.
Answer sheet: 2. (a) behaviour (b) learning (c) incomplete (d) dealing (e) properly (f) politeness (g) significance (h) really (i) delighted (j) Actually.

 Prefix & Suffix Basic

Prefix Suffix for SSC

3. As human being we should gain some moral qualities. Infact, (a) — (moral) is one of the (b) — (great) virtues. (c) — (Moral) hampers all (d) — (develop)  activities of a country. So, morality should be (e) — (practise) since one’s (f) — (boy). Educational (g) — (institute) can play important roles in this regard.  This (h) — (ward) quality helps a man to be noble. (i) — (Noble) is another virtue. This virtue can (j) — (rich) a man’s life.
Answer sheet 3: (a) morality (b) greatest (c) Immortality (d) development (e) practised (f) boyhood (g) institutions (h) inward (i) Nobility (j) enrich

4. Ladies and gentlemen, (a) — (come) on board Flight BG 88 to Bangkok. We are (b) — (current)  third in line for take-off and are expected to be in the air in (c) — (approximate) seven minutes. Please (d) — (fast) your seat belt and secure all baggage under your seat or in the (e) — (head)  compartments. Keep your seat and table trays in (f) — (up) position for take-off. Please turn off all (g)—(person) electronic devices, (h) — (include) laptops and cell Phones. This is a (i) — (smoke) flight. Thank you for choosing Bangladesh Biman. (j) — (Joy) your flight.
Answer sheet: 4. (a) welcome (b) currently (c) approximately (d) faster (e) overhead (f) upright (g) personal (h) including (i) non-smoking (j) enjoy.

Prefix Suffix for

5. The importance of television is beyond (a) — (describe). It is like a stage where (b) — (perform) are seen and heard. It gives news on (c) — (nation) and international matters. Television has a great educative value. It teaches the (d) — (literate) and students. It (e) — (large) our knowledge. It has broken the wall between the educated and the (f) — (educated). Television has some (g)  — (merits) too. So, television programs should be (h) — (careful) produced so that it can never be (i) — (harm) to us. People who have the (j) — (involve) with production of programs must be rational.
Answer sheet: 5. (a) description (b) performers (c) national (d) illiterate (e) enlarges (f) uneducated (g) demerits (h) carefully (i) harmful (j) involvement.

6. (a) — (Honest) is the best of all virtues. An honest man is always (b) — (truth). He is never (c) — (harm) to anybody. Nobody is (d) — (satisfied) with him. On the otherhand, everybody (e) — (likes) a (f) — (honest) man. People remember an honest man (g) — (respectful) even after his death. Without (h) — (honest)  peace and (i) — (happy) is (j) — (possible).
Answer sheet: 6. (a) Honesty (b) truthful (c) harmful (d) dissatisfied (e) dislikes (f) dishonest (g) respectfully (h) honesty (i) happiness (j) impossible.

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7. Money is the means of leading (a) — (would) life. (b) — (short)  of money makes our life (c) — (deplore).We can’t lead our life (d) — (proper) for want of money. But there is (e) — (difficult) in earning money. Our peace and prosperity are (f) — (depend) on proper (g) — (utilize) of money. Spending money in an (h) — (proper) way can lead us to the path of (i) — (destroy). So, we should be (j) — (care) in spending money. 
Answer sheet: 7. (a) worldly (b) shortage (c) deplorable (d) properly (e) difficulty (f) dependent (g) utilization (h) improper (i) destruction (j) careful.

8. Kazi Nazrul Islam is very (a) — (known) to us. He is a great writer. Besides a (b) — (write), he is also a (c) —(sing) and dramatist. We got (d) — (inspire) during our liberation war from his writings. His (e) — (contribute) to Bengali literature has made him (f) — (mortal). He started his early age with great (g) — (hard). Once he had to work  is  a  bread  (h) — (make) shop for his (i) — (live). Now, he is our (j) — (nations)  poet. He breathed his last in 1976.
Answer sheet: 8. (a) well-known (b) writer (c) singer (d) inspiration (e) contribution (f) immortal (g) hardship (h) making/maker’s (i) living/livelihood (j) national.

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9. Dhaka is the (a) — (big) city of Bangladesh. It is (b) — (dense) populated. As it is the capital of our country, its (c) — (important) is great. Dhaka is a (d) — (beauty) city. The (e) — (beauty) process of Dhaka is still going on. Those who live (f) — (out) the Dhaka city have a (g) — (fascinate) to visit it. I was very (h) — (desire) to visit Dhaka.  At last, I fulfilled my (i) — (aspire) last year. I become pleased seeing the (j) — (attract) buildings there.
Answer sheet: 9. (a) biggest (b) densely (c) importance (d) beautiful (e) beautification (f) outside (g) fascination (h) desirous (i) aspiration (j) attractive.

10. There was a poor farmer in a village. He had a (a) — (wonder) goose. She laid a (b) — (gold) egg every day. The farmer sold the eggs in the market and maintained his family well. But he became (c) — (greed). He wanted to get all the eggs at a time. He wanted to become rich (d) — (night). He could not control his (e) — (tempt) and cut the belly of the goose with a knife. (f) — (fortunate) he found no eggs inside it. His (g) — (sad) knew no bounds. He became (h) — (repent) for his foolishness. He realized that (i) — (excess) greed leads to (j) — (destroy).
Answer sheet: 10. (a) wonderful (b) golden (c) greedy (d) overnight (e) temptation (f) Unfortunately (g) sadness (h) repentant (i) excessive (j) destruction.

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