Punctuation is item number 12 of HSC English Grammar Syllabus. In this post you will get in details of punctuation. If you practice these rules, you will be successful.


There are ten errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Re-write the text correcting the errors : [DB ’16]                                                                                                             0×5´10 = 5

A : Whats solar energy?

B : Its one of the renewable energy sources.

A : Why is it called green energy.

B : Well its green energy because it helps us keep the earth green I mean it doesnt emit any pollutant in the atmosphere when we produce and use it.

A : I see then it must be a clean source of energy.

B : Exactly. And thats why its also called clean energy.  

  1. [RB ’16]

This is Punctuation

Husband : Cant you cook food properly

Wife         : I cook food properly the problem is with you

Husband : Really these food are crap they taste pathetic.

Wife         :             I spend time in the kitchen from morning till afternoon. I work hard. I take care of two children at home. What do you do?

Husband : I work hard and earn money that you spend lavishly.

Wife         : How dare you say that

Husband : Well that is the truth


  1. [DinajB ’16]

      how is your father rana said mr karim he is very well thank you replied rana i am glad to hear that he is in good health said mr karim.  

  1. [JB ’16]

Nazmul    : Excuse me where is the nearest hospital

Arafat      : Its about 2 kilometers from here You will have to hire a taxi You can also go by bus

Nazmul    : I see Is there a bus station near here

Arafat      : Yes there is a bus stop at the corner

Nazmul    : Thank you

Arafat      : Dont mention it

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