Rickshaw Puller Lal Mia Set An Example In Bogura

Rickshaw Puller Lal Mia Set an Example in Bogura


An honest rickshaw puller returned Tk 18.50 lakh to its owner in Bogura finding the huge amount of money in a bag on his rickshaw this morning. Rickshaw Puller Lal Mia Set an Example in Bogura
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The owner named Rajib Prasad left the bag with Tk 18.50 lakh unconsciously while getting off the rickshaw in Satmatha area of Bogura town.
Lal Mia, the rickshaw puller,  picked Rajib from Jaleswari Tola area of the town along with three bags around 7:00am and after some while,
Rajib got off the rickshaw at Satmatha hurriedly, leaving one of his bags behind.
After sometimes, Lal Mia found the bag and started looking for the passenger but went in vain.
At one stage, he opened the bag with curiosity  and  noticed a huge amount of money in the bag.
To protect the money, he took the bag with money to his home and kept it under his possession safely. And he came back to Satmatha to search the owner of the money.

Rickshaw Puller Lal Mia Set an Example in Bogura

As soon as Rajib noticed his missing bag, while going to Rajshahi by a bus, he filed a general dairy with Bogura Sadar Police Station. 
SM Bodiuzzaman, officer-in-charge (OC) of the police station said they starting searching the rickshaw puller based on CCTV footages in the area.  
 The police found Lal Mia, after searching for sometimes, as he was also looking for the owner for returning the money.
Getting back his money, Rajib said he was grateful to Lal Mia and Rajib offered him TK 50 thousand for his solvency. 
Rejecting the offer, Lal Mia said he was very happy as he had become able to return the money to its owner.
Bogura Superintendent of Police Ali Ashraf Bhuiyan termed the Rickshaw puller as an honest man and said we found no ill motive in him.
The SP said it is a praiseworthy honesty and indeed an inspiring example.


Md Lal Mia lives in  Malgram Uttarpara area of the Bogura sadar upazila. His father’s name is late Momotaj Uddin,

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