Special Use of Words and Phrases is one of the easiest grammar items of HSC syllabus. If you learn few rules of this item, you will be able to ensure 5 marks. Here you can download PDF File of rules of this item. Let’s start. 



Download PDF File of Special Use of Words and Phrases




1.  [DB ’16]


let alone



would you mind

as if

neither will

had better

as fast as

the older……the more

(a) When my brother was a child, he wouldn’t look at all like my father. — he gets, — he looks like him.

(b) — are hundreds of languages spoken regularly by human beings. But everywhere of the world people speak English.

(c) A : They won’t be enjoying a holiday this year.

     B: — we.

(d) It is admitted by all that a deer can run fast. But it cannot run — a cheetah.

(e) He loves his garden very much. He does not allow his sons to pluck any flower, — other children.

(f)  I cannot carry the box on my back. — taking the box into the room?

(g) — is very difficult to get good grade in Bengali and English.

(h) It is getting dark. You — go home right now.

(i)  The man was seriously injured in an accident. He would have died — he had been taken to a nearby hospital.

(j)  The boy talks too much of himself. He talks — he knew everything.


Special Use of Words and Phrases

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Special Use of Words and Phrases- Dhaka Board- 2017

2.  [RB ’16]

had better

was born

would rather

as soon as

let alone

in order to

has to

as if



(a) The students were making a noise in the class. But — the teacher entered the class, they kept quiet.

(b) It was a hot summer day. A crow felt very thirsty. So it was flying here and there — find water.         

(c) Panna was a criminal. So he was always on his toes. — he saw the police, he hid himself.

(d) The man is so weak that he cannot walk. He cannot walk even a kilometer — five kilometers.

(e) — is a nice kitchen garden just behind our house. So we can get fresh vegetables from there.

(f)  I am too tired to talk. I can no longer give you company. You — leave me and let me take rest. 

(g) Though I am poor, I hate begging. Begging is most disreputable. I — die than beg.

(h) Michael Madhusudan Dutt was a popular Bengali poet. He — in a sophisticated Hindu family, but he took Christianity when he was young.

(i)  My friend Ratul talks — he were a millionaire. But he comes of an impoverished family. Moreover, he is good for nothing.

(j)  Rana is a meritorious student. He is the first boy in our class. He — study hard and work more to maintain his position in the class.

Special Use of Words and Phrases

3.  [DinajB ’16]

had better


have to

would rather

let alone

as if


what’s it like

was born

as soon as

(a) Motin’s father is a low paid service holder. He has no ability to buy a bi-cycle for his son — a motor bike. 

(b) I’ve never travelled by air, — travelling in the sky? 

(c) Let’s go to the cinema, — is not worth waiting any longer. 

(d) I am tired. I — stay at home than go outside.

(e) You look very anxious. And you cannot continue your study any longer. You — take rest. 

(f)  I am surprised to hear his speeches. He speaks — he knew the ins and outs of the incident.

(g) Salam feels pain in his chest. He — go back to the hospital for a scan next week.      

(h) Tagore — in 1861. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913.

(i)  — is no fish here. It is a swimming pool.

(j)  I went there to meet with him. — I saw him, I rushed to talk to him. 

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