Sports – Bank Job- International Affairs

Sports – Bank Job- International Affairs

This is about Sports – Bank Job- International Affairs. For competitive examinees this information is important. Let’s see.

1. 32nd Olympic Games- 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.


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2. 33rd Olympic Games- 2014 in Paris, France. 

3. 22nd Commonwealth Games- 2022 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

4. 22nd FIFA World Cup- 2022 in Qatar.

5. 23rd FIFA World Cup- 2026 in USA, Canada and Mexico.  

Sports – Bank Job- International Affairs

6. 12th ICC World Cup- 2019 in England (Champ- England). 

7. 13th ICC World Cup- 2023 in India.

8. 7th T20 world Cup- 2020 in Australia.

9. 8th ICC Champion’s Trophy- 2017 in England (Champ- Pakistan)

10. 9th ICC  Champion’s Trophy- 2021 in India.


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