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Summarize the following text.                                                                                                                                                                                                     [Unit—6; Lesson—1(2)]                                         

Universities should never be made into mechanical
organizations for collecting and distributing knowledge. Through them the
people should offer their intellectual hospitality, their wealth of mind to
others, and earn their proud right in return to receive gifts from the rest of
the world. But in the whole length and breadth of India there is not a single
University established in the modern time where a foreign or an Indian student
can properly be acquainted with the best products of the Indian mind. For that
we have to 
cross the sea, and knock at the doors of France and Germany.
Educational institutions in our country are India’s alms-bowl of knowledge;
they lower our intellectual self-respect; they encourage us to make a foolish
display of decorations composed of borrowed feathers.


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Universities should be established to cultivate intellect. But India lacks such kind of university. So, the learners are to look forward to the foreign countries which underestimate India and the Indians. Man’s intellect has the pride of its culture, that aims at inner perfection. But materialistic pride is a humiliation itself. Unlike the past, nowadays the students study only to pass and have good jobs. But the cruel truth is that the rate of unemployment in increasing. To avoid such mishappening, education has to be creative. 



Summary of A Eastern University for HSC

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