Summary of Amerigo for HSC: The passage depicts the actual utterance for hunger and shelter of a street child. Amerigo is only 13 year old. However he is abandoned by his parents. His parents were separated and he scapegoat of their separation. Finally, the boy wants to go to his father for shelter but sees no ray of hope. So, he makes the street his home. To survive, he attempts at dangerous work like collecting trash and selling those. But it is very harmful to health especially for a child like him. 

The bitter reality of a street child is being focused throughout the passage. Some of friends of Amerigo are also doing heavy jobs for livelihood. But in return they get tiny amount which is insufficient for them. One of Amerigo’s friends died while working in the pile of trash. This reality of modern age has been portrayed in this passage. A child like Amerigo stands a the symbol of our drawbacks. And he demands to sleep in peace at home.


Summary of Amerigo for HSC

The passage is about the state, level and consequence of food adulteration in Bangladesh. In a recent survey it has been found that the samples of different types of food stuffs are contaminated by high level of different types of pesticides and poisonous chemicals. These foodstuffs are unsafe and dangerous for consumption. This problem persists at every level of food from preparation to consumption. Food manufacturers, processors, restaurants, fast-food outlets and so forth are all involved in one way or another in this malpractice.

 Foods are adulterated by using various harmful chemicals and toxic artificial colours. Besides, rotten foods are stored, sold and served to consumers in an unhygenic atmosphere. These pratices have negative effect on public health and cause numerous fatal and chronic diseases. 

Summary of Human Rights HSC: The poem portrays the tragedy of a young boy . The boy works in a sawmill. The poem is written by Robert Frost. He is an American poet. The poet brings the social realities and philosophical concerns of his time to light. His poem ‘Out, Out’ depicts how this cruel mechanical modern world brings about the  tragedy of a working boy. The poem starts with the buzzing of the saw mill where many people work who hardly get time to enjoy the natural beauty. In this sawmill a young boy also works and does a man’s job. He eagerly expects to have at least half an hour to play. Then the poem reaches its climax when his sister calls him for ‘supper’.

It seems that the saw knows the meaning and eats the boy’s hand.The boy has to give is hand and come to realise the futility  of his life without hand in this mechanical world. He implores his sister dot of let the doctor cut his hand. But the hand is already gone. Then the boy meets his tragic end. Eventually, he dies. There is a crowd to watch the tragic incident, but as soon as the boy dies. they returned to their respective jobs, for the boy is not their relative.


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