Summary of Etiquette and Manners is one of the most important summary for you. Because most of the time the summary is set for board examination. So you can practice for your preparation.

Write the summary of the following passage.

As a child, you must have been told to greet your elders and visitors to your home according to your culture and tradition. You must also have been taught to be polite in company and keep quiet while others, especially your elders, spoke. Possibly, you at times grudged such schooling. Possibly, at times you even protested such disciplining. Now, certainly you know that you can’t always behave the way you want especially in the presence of others. There are rules of behavior you have to follow in a company. We are social beings and have to consider the effect of our behavior on others, even if we are at home and dealing with our family members.

We have two terms to describe our social behavior- ‘etiquette‘ and ‘manners.’ ‘Etiquette’ is a French word and it means the rules correct behavior in society. The word ‘manners‘ means the behavior that is considered to be polite in a particular society or culture. Manners can be good or bad. For example, it is a bad manner to speak with food in one’s mouth. No one likes a bad- mannered person. Remember that etiquette and manners vary from future to culture and from society to society.

Summary of Etiquette and Manners


It is our culture and tradition to  advise a child to greet the elders and visitors. Besides, a child is taught no to be impolite in company.
None should talk while the seniors talk. At childhood, one may protest it, but on it’s attainment of maturity it realizes the manner.
As a social  being, we have to consider the effect of our behaviour towards others. Manners and etiquette is not same in all  culture and society

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