Summary of World Health Organization | Adolescence | HSC Unit- 5; Lesson-1 is the summary of second para of Unit-5;
 Lesson-1 of  HSC English first paper text book.
This part of the lesson was set for summary in HSC Cumilla Board-2022. You can practice from our site. 

World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies adolescence as the period in human growth and development that occurs
after childhood and before adulthood. This phase represents one of the critical transitions in one’s life span and is 

characterized by fast paced growth and change which are second only to those at infancy.
Biological processes drive many aspects of this growth and development with the onset of puberty marking the
passage from childhood to adolescence. The biological determinants of adolescence are fairly universal; however, the duration and 

defining characteristics of this period may vary across time, cultures, and socio-economic situations.
This period has seen many changes over the past century-puberty for example, comes earlier than before, people marry late,
and their sexual attitudes and behaviours are different from their grandparents, or even parents.
 Among the factors responsible for the change are education, urbanization and spread of global communication.


According to  World Health Organization adolescence is the
  period in human life occurring after childhood and before adulthood.
This is one of the critical transitions in one’s lifespan. 

Many biological aspects of this growth lead to the onset of puberty.
 In adolescence, some important variations
take place because of education, urbanization and spread of global communication.
 During this time adolescent boys and girls undergo
 some experiences such as physical and sexual maturation,
movements towards
 social and economic independence, development of identity, the acquisition of skills needed to carry out adult relationships and roles
 and the capacity for abstract reasoning.

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