Vocabulary is one of the most important topics for all competitive examinations, including BCS, Bank Job, Admission Test, and IELTS, in all over the world. In all job exams, you have to solve one or two vocabulary-related questions. So, if you have a good command over vocabulary, definitely you will ensure one or two marks. There are some important vocabulary. Let’s have a look atSynonym and Antonym for Job English
  1. Which word means the opposite of ‘dearth’ ?
    (a) lack
         (b) abundance
         (c) poverty


    (d) shortage 
  2. Which word is similar to ‘appal’?
    (a) deceive
    (b) confuse
    (c) dismay 


          (d) solicit
  3. Someone who is capricious is—
       (a) easily irritated
       (b) wise and willing to cooperate
       (c) exceedingly conceited and arrogant


    (d) known for sudden changes in attitude or behaviour
  4. ‘You look terrific in this dress.’
        The word ‘terrific’ in the above sentence means-
    (a) excellent
        (b) funny
        (c) very ugly


        (d) horrible
  5. The word ‘sibling’ means-
        (a) a brother
    (b) a sister
     (c) a brother or sister


        (d) an infant
  1. The word ‘panegyric’ means
    (a) criticism
    (b) elaborate praise
    (c) curse
    (d) high sound
  2. The literary term ‘euphemism’ means-

          (a) vague idea
     (b) in offensive expression
    (c) a sonnet
    (d) wise saying 


  3. Which one is the correct antonym of ‘frugal’?
    (a) Extraordinary
    (b) spendthrift
    (c) economical
    (d) authentic
  4. Which word is closest in meaning to ‘Franchise’?
    (a) utility
    (b) frankness
    (c) privilege
    (d) superficial

Synonym and Antonym for Job English

  1. Select the word that is the most closely opposite in meaning to the capitalized word: DELETERIOUS
    (a) toxic
    (b) spurious
    (c) harmless
    (d) lethal
  2. Which do you think is the nearest in meaning to ‘proviso’:
    (a) sanction
    (b) substitute
    (c) stipulation
    (d) directive
  4. The word ‘omnivorous’ means:
    (a) eating all types of food
    (b) eating only fruits
    (c) eating only meat
    (d) eating grass and plants only
  5. The new offer of job was alluring. Here ‘alluring’ means-
    (a) unexpected
    (b) tempting
    (c) disappointing
    (d) ordinary
16.  A chart was appended to the report. Here ‘appended’ means-

(a) changed
(b) removed
(c) joined
(d) shortened


17. Venerate’ means-
    (a) defame
    (b) abuse
    (c) respect
    (d) accuse 

18. What would be the right antonym for ‘initiative’?
      (a) apathy
(b) indolence
(c) enterprise
(d) activity

19. What would be the right synonym for ‘initiative’?

     (a) apathy
     (b) indolence
     (c) enterprise
     (d) activity

20. ‘It is time to review the protocol on testing nuclear weapons’. here the underlined word means-
      (a) Record of rules
      (b) Summary of rules
      (c) Procedures
      (d) Problems
21. Let us begin by looking at the minute  of the meeting . Here the underlined word means-
     (a) time record
     (b) time frame
    (c) written record
    (d) written analysis
 22. The noise in Dhaka City has increased exponentially. Here the underlined word means-
      (a) amazingly
      (b) shockingly
      (c) steadily
      (d) rapidly



23. The phrase ‘nouveau rich’ means-
(a) Riche rich
(b) Well off
(c) New high class

     (d) New rich

24. What would be the best antonym of ‘hibernate’?
    (a) dormancy
    (b) liveliness
c) sluggishness

    (d) democracy

Synonym and Antonym for Job English

01. A person who writes about his own life writes- an autobiography (আত্মজীবনী)

02. A ‘Pilgrim’ (তির্থ যাত্রী) is a person- who undertakes a journey to a Holy place

03. Stockings are- long socks (are used by women)

04. Climate is- a state relevant with the environment

05. Misanthropist (মানব বিদ্বেষী) means- a hater of mankind
06. First language means- the natural language

07. Cul-de-sac  (কানাগলি) means- dead end (one side closed street)
08. Parcel means- a piece of land

09. Ruminant (যাবর কাটা) is- Cud-chewing animal
Synonym and Antonym for Job English

10. If a substance is cohesive, it tends to- stick together
11. The word “Dilly dally” means- waste time

12. The word “Euphemism” means- description of a disagreeable thing by an agreeable name

13. ‘Equivocation’ means- Two contrary things in the same statement

14. ‘Bill of fare’ is- a list of dishes at a restaurant

15. A ‘Bull market’ means- that share prices are rising
16. ‘Blue chips’ are- industrial shares considered to be a safe investment

17. ‘Razzmatazz’ means- a noisy activity

18. ‘Blockbuster’ means- a powerful explosive to demolish buildings; another meaning is- popular book or movie

19. ‘Homogeneous’ means- of the same kind

20. ‘Heterogeneous’ means- of the different kinds

Synonym and Antonym for Job English

21. ‘Ecological’ is- related to environment

22. ‘Score’ means- twenty (three score =3*20=60)

23. An Ordinance is- a law

24. A fantasy is- an imaginary story

25. Something that is ‘fresh’ is- something in fairly good condition
26. The bottom lines means- The essential point

27. ‘Plurality’ means- the holding of more than one office at a time

28. ‘Pediatric’ means- treatment of children

29. ‘Bootleg’ means to- smuggle

30. Many islands make up- an archipelago
31. ‘A verbose speech’ means- a speech full of too many words

32. ‘Officious’ means- one who unduly forwards in rendering services for others is not generally liked in society

33. ‘Stagflation’ means- economic slow down

34. ‘Euphemism’ means- inoffensive expression (e.g. If we say ‘senior citizen’ instead of ‘old person’, it will be euphemism)

35. ‘Syntax’- the rules deals with sentence building
36. ‘Mediocre’ means- one who is neither intelligent nor dull

37. Work for which no regular salary is paid- Honorary

38. A book containing information on all subjects- Encyclopedia

39. A sound which cannot be heard- Inaudible

40. A career marked by period of good and bad luck- A chequered career

Synonym and Antonym for Job English

41. Impunity= having not fear of punishment

42. Transient = Something which is evanescent (দ্রুত শেষ বা বিলীন হয়ে যাওয়া)

43. A best seller= A things that sells in very large numbers

44. To get hot under collar= feel irritated

45. A cardiologist= Who treats patients with heart problems
46. A misogynist= who hates women

47. Autocracy= A government by one man

48. Flora= All the plants of an area

49. Corpus= a collection of written texts.

50. Lexicographer= A person who writes dictionaries.
51. (Be) up to= someone’s wishes

(e.g. We do not know where he was and what he was up to)

52. Have a sleep for while= have a rest
(e.g. He thinks he will go upstairs and have a sleep, if nobody objects)

53. Abroad= in other countries

54. A bargain= Something bought cheaply or for less than the usual price.

55. A bully= A person who hits smaller or weaker person
56. Chivalrous= Courteous and attentive to women

57. To rant and rave= To argue loudly and energetically

58. Cockpit= An enclosed area of an aircraft where the pilot sits and steers the plane

59. Ring master= A person in charge of a circus performance.

60. An extrovert= A person who shares his cheerful feelings with others.

Synonym and Antonym for Job English

61. Green grocer= A person who sells fruits and vegetables.

62. Linguistics= A science of a language.

63. Linguist= A person who is skilled in foreign language

64. Polyglot= A person knows and speaks many languages.

65. Philologist= A person who studies the scientific development of a language.
66. Ophthalmologist= One who studies and teats the disease of the eye.

67. Terrorist= One who creates fear as a weapon for power.

68. Gypsies= The people who are always on the move

69. Insolvent= A person unable to pay his debts.

70. Patrimony= Property inherited from one’s father or ancestors.
(But, ‘Matrimony’ means marriage/ weeding/ match/ nuptial/ hymen )

71. Intruder= A person who enters without any invitation.

72. Colleague= A person working in the same place with another.

73. Versatile= One who possesses many talents.

74. Panacea= A cure for all diseases.

75. Free-lance journalist= An independent journalist
76. Philanthropist= One who loves and serves mankind.

77. Epitaph= Words inscribed on a tomb.

78. Handicapped person= One who suffers from some disability.

79. League= An association of sports, political or social welfare team

80. Dessert= Taking fruit or sweet at the end of meal.
Synonym and Antonym for Job English

81. Edible= Suitable for consumption (খাওয়ার যোগ্য)

82. Bleating= A sound made by a goat

83. Polygamy= Custom of having more than one wife at the same time

84. Extempore= A speech or work made without previous preparation

85. Illiterate= Unable to read or write
86. Omniscient= One who knows everything

87. Cannibal= Person/ Animals who eats human flesh and animals that eats its own kind is called

88. Spinster= An unmarried woman

89. Rendezvous (উচ্চারণ হবে- রনদিভু)= An appointed meeting place for troops(সৈন্যদল/ ফৌজ)

90. Myth= Legend (পৌরাণিক কাহিনী)
91. To hit the ceiling/ roof= Comprehensively lose one’s temper

92. Anatomy= Science of the structure of animal bodies

93. Vice-versa= The terms being exchanged

94. Somnambulist= A sleep walker

95. Hamlet= A small village (‘Hamlet’ is a tragedy by W Shakespeare)
96. Referee= The man who controls a game of football

97. Mayhem(খুবই বিশৃঙ্খল অবস্থা) = Confusion and fear caused by violent behaviour

98. To be up in arms= protest strongly

99. Bibliography= Collection of books

100. Stalwart= Reliable supporter in politics
Synonym and Antonym for Job English
101. Swamp (প্লাবিত করা) =Flood, Inundate, Deluge, Immerse, Soak, Drench, Saturate, Overwhelm.
102. Sympathetic (সহানুভূতিশীল) = Compassionate, Solicitous, Empathetic, Commiserative, Consoling, Congenial.
103. Revive (পুনরুজ্জীবিত করা) = Resuscitate, Bring Round, Come Round, Reinvigorate, Revitalize, Restore, Rejuvenate.
104.  Obligatory (বাধ্যতামূলক) = Compulsory, Mandatory, Statutory, Incumbent, Imperative, Requisite, Essential.
105. Defeat (পরাজিত করা) = Beat, Conquer, Triumph Over, Trounce, Subdue, Slaughter, Demolish.
106. Obdurate (অনমনীয়) = Stubborn, Obstinate, Intransigent, Inflexible, Unbending, Pig-Headed, Mulish, Headstrong, Adamant.
107. Deleterious (ক্ষতিকর) = Unfortunate, Detrimental, Unwholesome, Baleful, Noxious, Toxic, Lethal, Malign, Malignant, Malevolent.
108. Indolent (অলস) = Slothful, Sluggardly, Lackadaisical, Languid, Inert, Sluggish, Lethargic, Torpid.
109. Stagnant (স্থির) = Motionless, Static, Stationary, Slack, Putrid, Sluggish, Dormant.
110. Attract (আকর্ষণ করা) = Magnetize, Entice, Allure, Lure, Tempt, Enchant, Entrance, Captivate, Beguile, Bewitch, Seduce, Titillate.
111. Taciturn (স্বল্পভাষী) = Untalkative, Reticent, Tight-Lipped, Mute, Dumb, Inarticulate, Reserved.
112. Praise (প্রশংসা করা) = Commend, Applaud, Eulogize, Worship, Glorify, Exalt, Lionize, Hail, Venerate.
113. Optimistic (আশাবাদী) = Sanguine, Positive, Bullish, Buoyant, Promising, Auspicious, Propitious.


114.  Calm (শান্ত) = Serene, Tranquil, Unruffled, Unperturbed, Placid, Phlegmatic.



115. Meticulous (সুবিবেচনাপূর্ণ) = Careful, Conscientious, Diligent, Scrupulous, Punctilious, Painstaking,           Studious, Rigorous, Perfectionist, Fastidious, Methodical.

Synonym and Antonym for Job English

116.  Go far towards – যথাসাধ্য সহায়তা করা,

117.  defaulted loans – পরিশোধে ব্যর্থ হওয়া ঋণ, খেলাপি ঋণ,

118.  Mounting up- পরিমানে বৃদ্ধি পাওয়া, সীমা ছাড়িয়ে যাওয়া,

119. Liquidity drying up – তারল্য কমে যাওয়া, শুষ্ক হওয়া,

120.  the maladies of the banking sector – ব্যাঙ্কিং খাতের ব্যাধি বা নানান সমস্যা,
121. Embargo —Barrier★
122.Emergency—- Exigency★
123. Esoteric —–Abstruse (দূর্বোধ্য).
124. Eternal—— Forever★
125. Exceptional ——Unusual, rare.
126. Fascinate —-Charm, enchant.
127.Ferocious—– Fierce, savage.(হিংস্র)
Synonym and Antonym for Job English
128. Fiendish—— Cruel★
129 .Genuine —–Real.
130. Genre —–Category

131. Gist=সারাংশ
132. Ameliorate= উন্নত করা
133. Inflated=অতিরঞ্জিত করা
134. Frown=তিরস্কার করা
135. Gargantuan=খুব বড়
136. Inadvertent=অনিচ্ছাকৃত
137. Indispensable=অপরিহার্য
138. Plethora=প্রচুর পরিমাণ
139. Welter=বিশৃঙ্খলা,বিক্ষোভ
140. Zealot=একগুয়ে,গোড়া
141. Cohort=দল
142. Encumber=ব্যাহত করা
143. Ostentation=জাঁকজমক
144. Avarice=লোভ,কৃপণতা
145. Inimical=প্রতিকূল,শত্রুতাপূর্ণ
146. Complacent=আত্মতুষ্ট

147.Orthodox (প্রচলিত) = Conventional, Mainstream, Conformist, Conservative, Prevalent.

148. Neophyte (নবিস) =Novice, Beginer, Newcomer, Postulant, Tyro, Apprentice.


149.  Emancipate (স্বাধীন করা) = Liberate, Unchain, Unyoke, Rescue, Enfranchise.
150.  Wordy (শব্দবহুল) = Verbose, Loquacious, Garrulous, Prolix, Voluble, Pleonastic.
151. Joyful (আনন্দময়) = Cheerful, Merry, Bubbly, Exuberant, Ebullient, Jubilant, Euphoric.

152. Frigid – শীতল, নিষপ্রাণ। ( Frigid থেকে ফ্রীজ। ফ্রীঝে সবকিছু Frigid বা শিতল হয়)

153. Fraudulent – প্রতারণাপূর্ণ। ( Fraud দিয়ে প্রথমে প্রতারণা, সুতরাং যে প্রতারণা করে তাকে Fraudulent বা প্রতারণা পূর্ণ বলে)
154.  Frail – দুর্বল বা ভঙ্গুর। ( Frail কে fail দিয়ে, যারা দুর্বল তারা fail হয়
155.  Febrile – জ্বরাক্রান্ত, জ্বরভাপন্ন। ( Febrile থেকে Fever-জ্বর, Fever মানেই Febrile বা জ্বরাক্রান্ত)
156.  Flora – উদ্ভিতকূল, উদ্ভিদসম্পদ। ( Flora থেকে Flower বা ফুল, যা Flora বা উদ্ভিতকুলের অন্তর্গত)
157.  Foray – হানা বা হামলা। ( শেষে ray থেকে raid হামলা করা। raid দেওয়া মানে হামলা করা বা Foray)
158.  Feign – ভান করা। ( Feign > ফান বা ভান করা)
159. Finesse – কৌশলের দক্ষতা, উপাদেয় দক্ষতা। ( Finesse থেকে Finish শেষ । কেউ যদি কোন কিছু সম্পূর্ণভাবে শেষ করতে পারে সে Finesse)

Synonym and Antonym for Job English

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160. Filth – নোংরা, অপবিত্র, অশ্লীল। ( Filth থেকে Faith বা বিশ্বাস। Filth বা অপবিত্র বিষয়ে কেউ Faith রাখে না)
161. Fracas – হৈচৈ, হট্রগোল। ( Cas থেকে কেচ, কেচ কেচ করা মানেই তো Fracas বা হট্রগোল। অথবা ক্রিকেটে কেচ ধরতে পারলে ই দর্শকেরা হৈ চৈ করে উঠে।

162. Appall (মর্মাহত করা/আতঙ্কিত করা) — dismay
(আতংকিত করা) [৪০তম]
163. Franchise (ভোটাধিকার) —- privilege (নাগরিক অধিকার) [৩৮তম]
164. Appended (যোগ করা) —- joined (যোগ করা) [৩৭তম বিসিএস]
165. Alluring (লোভনীয়)—- tempting (প্রলুব্ধকর) [৩৭তম]
166. proviso (শর্ত) —-Stipulation (শর্ত) [৩৭তম]
167. venerate (সম্মান করা) —- Respect (সম্মান করা) [৩৬তম]
168. Initiative (উদ্যোগ)—- enterprise (উদ্যোগ) [৩৫তম]
169. Exponentialy (দ্রুতগতিতে) —– Rapidly (দ্রুতগতিতে) [৩৫তম]
170. periphery (শেষ সীমানা, প্রান্ত) —- Marginal areas (প্রান্তিক এলাকাসমূহ) [৩৫তম]
171. Authoritarian (স্বৈরশাসক) —- Autocratic (স্বৈরাচারী)[৩১তম]
172. permissive (স্বাধীনচেতা) —- liberal (উদার) [৩২তম]
173. Succumb (দাখিল করা) —- submit (দাখিল করা) [৩৩তম]
174. Extempore (পূর্বপ্রস্তুতিহীন) —– Impromptu (পূর্বপ্রস্তুতিহীন)[৩২তম]

Synonym and Antonym for Job English

175. Menacing (ভীতিকর) —- Alarming (ভীতিকর) [৩২তম]
178. Courteous (ভদ্র) —- gracious (ভদ্র) [৩২তম]
179. Sporadic (বিক্ষিপ্ত) —- Scattered (বিক্ষিপ্ত) [৩১তম]
180. Omnipotent (সর্বশক্তিমান) —- Supreme (সর্বশক্তিমান) [৩১তম]
181. Room —- Space [৩১তম]
182. Condemn (নিন্দা করা) —- Denounce (নিন্দা করা) [৩১তম]
183. Improvement (অগ্রগতি ) —- Betterment (উন্নয়ন)/advancement (অগ্রগতি) [৩১তম]
184. pragmatic (প্রায়োগিক) —— practical (প্রায়োগিক) [২৯তম]
185. precedence (অগ্রাধিকার) —– priority (অগ্রাধিকার) [২৯তম]
Synonym and Antonym for Job English

186. Disinterested (নিরপেক্ষ ) —- Neutral (নিরপেক্ষ)[২৯তম]
187. Bounty (মহত্ব) —- generosity (মহত্ব) [২৭তম]
188. Obese (বেশ মোটা) —- very fat (খুব মোটা) [২৭তম]
189. Magnanimous (মহানুভব) —- generous (মহানুভব)[২৬তম]
190. Obdurate (অবাধ্য) —- Stubborn (অবাধ্য) [২৪তম]
191. Gullibe (বিশ্বাস প্রবণ) —- willing to believe anyone (অনায়াসে কোন কিছুতে বিশ্বাস করা) [বাতিলকৃত ২৪তম]
192. Viable (অর্থ করার যোগ্য) —- that can be done [২৪তম বাতিলকৃত]
193. Handy (উপকারী) —- Useful (উপকারী) [২৪তম বাতিলকৃত]
194. Resentment (রাগ) —– anger (রাগ) [২৩তম]
195. Cohesive (দৃঢ়ভাব লেগে থাকে এমন) —- Stick together (লেগে থাকা) [২০তম]
196.Infringe (ভঙ্গ করা) —- Transgress (ভঙ্গ করা)[১৮তম]
197. Brochure (ব্রোশার, ছোট পুস্তিকা) —— pamphlet (ছোট পুস্তিকা)[১৮তম]
198. Equivocal (অস্পষ্ট) —- Mistaken (ভ্রান্ত) [১৮তম]
199. Illusive (অলীক/অবাস্তব) —– Not certain (অনিশ্চিত) [১৮তম]
200. Efface (মুছে ফেলা) —- Rub out (মুছে ফেলা) [১৭তম]
201. Intellectual (বুদ্ধিজীবী) —– intelligent (মেধাবী) [১৬তম]
202. Intrepid (সাহসী) —- fearless (নির্ভীক) [১৫তম]
203. Bootleg (চোরাচালান করা) —- Smuggle (চোরাচালান করা) [১৫তম]
204. Incredible (অবিশ্বাস্য) —- Unbelievable (অবিশ্বাস্য)[১৫তম]
205. scuttle (পরিত্যাগ করা) — Abandon (পরিত্যাগ করা) [১৩ত্যাগ]
206. belated (ধীরগতিসম্পন্ন) —- tardy (ধীরগতিতে চলে এমন )[১৩তম]
207. Sequences (অনুক্রম) —- to follow (অনুসরণ করা) [১৩তম]
208. Competent (সক্ষম) —- capable (সক্ষম) [১০তম]
209. ovial (আমুদে) —- Jolly (আমুদে)/Gay (হাসিখুসি) [১০তম]
210. Incite (খেপানো) —– Instigate (খেপানো) [১১তম]
211.Delude (প্রতারিত করা) —- Deceive (প্রতারণা করা) [১২তম]
212.euphemism (সুভাষণ) – inoffensive expression (কোমল অভিব্যক্তি) [১৩তম, ৩৮তম]

Synonym and Antonym for Job English

# Antonyms
213. Dearth (স্বল্পতা, অভাব)—–Abundance (প্রাচুর্য)
214. Frugal (মিতব্যয়ী) —- Extravagant (অপব্যয়ী, উড়নচণ্ডী) [৩৮তম]
215. Honorary (অবৈতনিক) —- Salaried (বেতনভুক্ত) [১১তম]
216. Gentle (ভদ্র) —- Rude (অভদ্র) [১১তম]
217. Supercilious (অহংকারী) —– affable (বিনয়ী, ভদ্র, অমায়িক) [১৪তম]
218. Indifference (ইনডিফ্রেন্স, অনীহা) —- ardour (উৎসাহ)
219. Sluggish(ধীরুজ) —- Animated (প্রাণবন্ত) [১৭তম]
220. Inimical (শত্রুভাবাপন্ন) —- Friendly (বন্ধুভাবাপন্ন)[১৭তম]
221. Recacitrant (অবাধ্য) —- Compliant (বাধ্য) [২৪তম]
222. Liability (দায়) —- assets (সম্পদ) [৩১তম]
223. Hate (ঘৃণা করা) —- Admire (প্রশংসা করা) [৩১তম]
224. Repeal (বাতিল করা) —- Enact (আইনে পরিণত করা) [৩১তম]
225. Equity (ন্যায়পরায়ণতা) —- Bias (পক্ষপাতিত্ব) [৩১তম]
226. Oblige (বাধ্য করা) —- Bother (বিরক্ত করা) [৩২তম]
227. Cynical (নৈরাশ্যবাদী) —- Gullible (অতিবিশ্বাস প্রবণ) [৩২তম]
228. Initiative (উদ্যোগ) —- apathy (অনীহা)/indolence (নিস্ক্রিয়তা)[৩৬তম]
229. transitory (ক্ষণস্থায়ী) —- permanent (স্থায়ী) [৩৬তম]
230. Hibernate (নিষ্ক্রিয় অবস্থায় থাকা) —- livenliness (কর্মতৎপরতা, প্রাণবন্ততা)

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