Vocabulary for Bank job

Abbreviation For Job Examination

Abbreviation for Job Examination

Abbreviation is important for all sorts of competitive exams. In this content, I have presented some important abbreviations for you. Actually, I have collected these abbreviations from internet. Abbreviation for Job Examination is for you. So, practice attentively.  50% Off! Offer Continues Till 4th April. To order, Click no the Image:  1.NEWS -এর পূর্ণরূপ North, …

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1000 Vocabulary For Competitive Exam

1000 Vocabulary for Competitive Exam

In Competitive exams, vocabulary is the reason for headache. Because vocabulary is unlimited. None can finish the syllabus of vocabulary. As a result, I have collected 1000 Vocabulary for Competitive Exam.  Let’s see. 1: Fortuitous -আকস্মিক 2: Inherent – স্বাভাবিক 3: Legible -সহজপাঠ্য 4: Indelible -অমোচোনীয় 5: Endurable -সহনীয়/টেকসই 6: gregarious -মিশুক /সামাজিক 7: Introverted …

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