The Padma Bridge is

The Padma Bridge is a multi-purpose road-rail over the (a) — Padma river in Bangladesh. It is the longest bridge in Bangladesh.
At first, the World Bank intended to (b) — for the construction of the bridge and later (c) —- their decision.
But this mega project has been built with domestic funding without (d) —- aid.
It is 6.15 KM long and 18.10 m wide.
There is a four-lane highway on the upper level and a one-lane railway on the lower level.
The construction journey was started on 7 December 2014 and completed by May 2022.
The dream of Bengalis has come to the reality after (e) — various uncertainties. The Bridge was (f) —– by honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on June 25 of 202.
Through the opening of the bridge 19 districts of the south western region have been directly (g) —- with the eastern part of the country.
The importance of the Padma Bridge is (h) —– in economic development and in changing the living (i) —- of millions of people.
The world has (J) —- the historical achievement of the people of Bangladesh through this construction of the Padma Bridge.

The Padma Bridge symbolizes Bangladesh’s self-esteem.

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Answer (a) mighty/powerful; (b) invest/spend; (c) overturned/withdrew; (d) foreign/any; (e) having/facing; (f) inaugurated/commenced; (g) connected/linked; (h) standards; (j) seen/witnessed

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