Theme Writing Suggestion- HSC Exam is an effort for HSC Examinees.  Here you can know which poems are important for theme writing. There are eighteen poems for theme writing. I strongly believe that these poems are enough for your preparation.



        1.I will arise (DB-19)
        2.I sit in one of the dives (RB-19)
        3.I will arise (DinB-19)
        4.I wandered lonely as a cloud (JB-19)
        5.I die for beauty (CB-19)
        6.My heart leaps up when I behold (Ctg- 19)
        7.Under the greenwood tree (SB-19)

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        8.Hold fast to dream (BB-19) 
        9.Time, You old gipsy man (DB+JB+DinB+SB-18)
        10.Blow, blow, thou winter wind (RB+CB+CtgB+BB-18)
        11.The schoolboy (DB-17)
       12.I will arise (RB-17)
       13.Time, you old gypsy man (DinB-17)
       14.Hold fast to dreams (JB-17)
       15.The schoolboy (CB-17)
       16. My Heart My Leaps up (Ctg_17)
       17.Under the Greenwood Tree (SB-17)
       18.Blow , Blow thou winter wind (BB-17)

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